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    6 Best Android Applications to Stream Music and Video from your PC

    This era is all about connectivity in which you need a method to integrate your every electronic gadget with each other. Due to the revolutionary changes in Smartphone industry by android, now you can easily connect with your pc and stream any media file. There are some android applications to stream music and videos from your PC. With the help of these applications, you don’t any physical connectivity unit like USB cable to transfer data. This is like a fundamental transformation protocol in which you can connect your android device with the help of a dedicated app and wifi or Bluetooth. Just connect at once and explore as much as you want.

    stream music and video files from your PC

    These applications have solved the problem of using USB or OTG cables which are a very irritating task. A list of a few android applications that allow you to stream music and video files from your PC are mentioned here. take a look and choose the suitable one for your device.


    stream music and video files from your PC
    It is one of the most popular applications used to stream music as well as videos. You can not only stream videos and music but also download them with ease. Subsonic allows you to create playlist and search for your choice of music. A unique feature offered by this app is that the music you play gets stored on your phone and is accessible even when you are offline. This way you would not be required to stay online all the time in order to listen to music. It is easier to connect to Subsonic as compared to other such applications because it gives you a server name. If you have used other video streaming applications you must be aware of the fact that you require an IP address to connect to them. You can take a free trial for a few hours and then this particular feature would be chargeable.


    stream music and video files from your PC
    Tonido is quite easy to use. It is known to be the simplest android application used to stream music as well as videos from PC. It also enables you to browse other files such as word docs, PDF files, excel files, etc. All these files are easily accessible on your mobile and what is even better is that you are not charged anything for viewing them on your handset.


    stream music and video files from your PC
    Audiogalaxy is one of the most popular android applications used to stream both audio as well as video files. You can listen to your favorite music and watch videos of your choice with the help of this application. This free application runs smoothly on Mac OS as well as Windows. You can make a playlist of your preferred songs and videos on your phone and stream music and video files from your PC. You are not required to copy files to your phone, you can access them from your computer via 3G, WiFi or Edge.

    Orb Live

    stream music and video files from your PC
    This application also offers a unique media streaming experience. You can stream music, videos and also watch internet TV on it. If you want to use this application to run media files on your mobile, you just require OrbLive and if you wish to use it on Mac or Windows you need the free Orb application.
    It has a free version and a paid one. The free version plays only 3 random files from your list while you can stream as many video files as you want in the paid version. Though using this application can be a bit expensive but the experience it offers is amazing.


    stream music and video files from your PC
    If you are looking for quality video streaming you can log on and register on Jukefly’s website. Once you are registered on this site, the next step would be to install its Personal Music Server application on your computer and then on your mobile. Now, all the music files you have would be available on your mobile and it will enable you to stream music and video files from your PC.
    JukeFly enables you to surf music files from your PC and listen to them on the go. This way your music would stay in your computer and the JukeFly servers would only make use of the song name, album name, artist, etc.
    This application is well-liked by the users because of its unique features and high quality video streaming experience it offers.


    stream music and video files from your PC
    It is easy to stream music and video files through AndroMote. It scans the WiFi network and provides connectivity through UPnP or DLNA protocols. Once the connection is made, you can make playlists and stream music and video files with ease.

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