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    The 5G Technology That Will Make Every Smartphone 50 Times Faster


    High speeds courtesy of the 5G speeds will change the way we communicate and access internet on Smartphones, tablets modems and others channels. Users are always looking for fast connectivity and download speeds, and manufactures are trying to keep up with the pase.

    Samsung seem to be leading the pack and are already set to launch the 5G network soon, which could as early as 2017 even though the target was 2020. Already, the tests are impressive with 1GB per second speeds being achieved. In fact, one can even download a whole movie in one second using the 5G connectivity.

    5g phone

    The improvement of the telecommunication generation over the years has provided great advantages. From the efficient security and low data rates of the First Generation (1G) and Second Generation (2G) Technology to the high speed data features of the Third Generation (3G) and Fourth Generation (4G) Technology. The development of the Fifth Generation or 5G technology will surely be a welcome move and will impress the tech survey guys.

    Although, still on its early development stage, the 5G is expected to include much reliable level of data connectivity and stable coverage, as well as the direct access to the World Wide Wireless Web or WWWW. The Fifth Gen of cellular telecommunication will control the future of internet progression. It will lead to a massive integration of service delivery from users to the network itself at the “speed of light” connection – it’s like you are directly plugged into the internet.

    The creation of the 5G network will open the doors to a new set of mobile applications in addition to connecting the Internet of Things devices. This will see billions of connected devices which can be controlled at the touch of a button and high connection speeds.

    5g technology

    With the rise of the Smartphone, the 5G technology is expected to collaborate with its growing demand. These mobile computers are dominating technology and its market value with millions of users’ everyday worldwide. It in fact outnumbered the percentage of consumers who preferred using Smartphone compared to landline and the traditional mobile phones in just a span of four years.

    With the shadow of the 5G network yet to be visible in 2021, the world’s most famous mobile and IT developer, South Korea, sets its goal to lead the rapid technological advancement and is pushing the “green button” for a “go” of the Fifth Gen technology in 2017 with a full blast in 2020. Just recently, Samsung and SK Telecom provided demos of the 5G technology at Busan, South Korea and were labeled – “incredibly fast”.

    Their goal is to improve the technology that would be 50 times faster than the traditional LTE with a video transfer speed of 100 UHD. Presently, the demo held at the World IT Show, uses a 3.7 Gbps capable to handle high-volume data service which permits the tweaking of UHD videos, virtual reality and hologram taking every user in whole different dimensional experience.

    With the use of Giga wifi, watching television in UHD will result in more vibrant images and with the fastest possible access ever. This upheaval will open all doors of every opportunity to mobile service providers to enhance their common phone service to a higher data service. If acquired, through the 5G network, downloading a movie from your T-Mobile will just take your 1 second if you’re in the US.


    At this point in time where there are no 5G units that capable of using the new technology, some leaders in mobile and device manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, and HTC are currently studying and brainstorming on new designs that will fit in the sheath of 5G. Also, companies that have been collaborating with mobile technology, like Netflix, are also looking for chances to make their data preferable at 5G paces.

    The breakthrough of the Fifth Gen technology will greatly affect how we see the future of global mobile technology. This evolution alone will leave dumbfounded on what other features will this technology offer users that will also change their perspective about innovation and this applied science that has been modifying our everyday lifestyle.

    Although specifications are still uncertain, the 5G ingenuity appears to be complex. By the time it’s put into use worldwide, the mobile industry is certain that connections will be open to 7 trillion devices such as Smartphones, tablets and even smart appliances alike and each individual will get to have 10 accesses the least. With 2G focused on voice, 3G settled on data, and the present 4G on video; the soon, new 5G will purposely be about connections.

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