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    5 ways to make the best use of Instagram reels

    best use of Instagram reels

    Instagram is a social media platform, of which Instagram reels is the latest addition.

    This feature enables you to record, edit and share short videos for a range of purposes. They have a range of tools like AR effects, speed control, combining multiple videos, the option to align and trim videos for seamless transition, and great audio effects. The best feature of Instagram reel is its reach isn’t limited to your followers. What’s more? A lot of third party apps allow you to buy Instagram reels views that eventually helps to gain Instagram followers. Creating Instagram reels is an easy exercise. The next section will elucidate on the easiest way to create Instagram reels

    How to create Instagram reels?

    how to create instagram reels

    Launch the Instagram app on your device. Then, tap the camera icon that will open the Instagram stories camera where you will find a list of menus. Click over the reels option. Having clicked, four options will appear on the left side of the screen. First, Music that will allow you the option to choose the music for your video. Speed that will help you in characterizing your video with a slow-motion effect or fast-forward one. Effects will provide you with the sea of filters, effects that can be used while making a video. Timer will allow you to choose the duration of your video so that you can record the video hands-free. Moreover, you can also switch the camera between front-face and rear-face. Other editing tools available to make your video relevant and boost marketing is the option of using various trendy audios or curating your own audio for the video. Align feature helps in creating effortless transitions and so many more features are there for your use that will make your video an exciting and the most engaging thing.

    • The five ways to ensure that your content gets the most traction and exposure that will help you in promoting your business are listed below. 
    • Create content specifically for your target audience

    Instagram Reels are the best platform for the promotion of the content you create. To buy Instagram reel views and buy Instagram followers, create on-brand content that resonates with your target audience. Use the sophisticated tools that are available which can be used in creating fun, engaging and energetic videos. For instance: Use transitions to show change in outfit. For better understanding, watch videos of Komal Pandey. It’s a known fact  that the fashion influencers/brands are blooming by making use of the varied features provided by Instagram reels like transitions, audios, speed control, AR effects etc. Moreover, these videos can be shared through the Explore page and aren’t just limited to your followers. Creating content on Instagram reels that are oriented towards the interests of their viewers help in building relationships and great community bonding on the platform.

    • Curate Educational content like tips and tutorials

    Creating educational content like tips and tutorials are a great way of adding value to your content. There are a lot of examples available wherein individuals burst the societal myths and stereotypes, provide tips for exercising, provide a list of books or movies, provide tutorials for makeup etc. Instagram is a great place to impart education in a fun and engaging manner. The Instagram page named “feminist” makes dance videos while imparting great social content which is very educational in nature. Not only does this help you in buying Instagram reel views or gaining Instagram followers, but also makes the viewers more educative. You can sew magic in a 15 second video.

    • Be a part of a challenge or start one

    Challenges are one of the most engaging aspects and get a lot of traction. If you want exposure, be a part of the trending challenge or start one. Sephora’s #The Sephora challenge got more than 26 million views. Every day, you come across so many challenges like fashion challenge wherein you need to combine the mentioned garments and accessories to create a look. The famous bingo challenge that was used for different purposes to ensure maximum exposure and growth of the brand. Other challenges include the 100 day project which is perfect for a blooming artist etc. Being a part of a challenge or creating one gets you maximum traction and viewers, which then helps you in acquiring organic Instagram reel views and gain Instagram followers. 

    • Partner with Influencers
    best use of instagram reels

    Influencers are called so because they have the capability of influencing and have a great deal of Instagram followers. Followers are easily swayed by them and thus, partnering with them brings great benefit to your page, brand and yourself. Brands like Nike, Adidas, Daniel Wellington etc. regularly use these Influencers for the promotion of their brands and products. Moreover, the brand need not directly be involved. The influencers use their own page to promote the brand by tagging them whilst they wear their product. Today, Instagram has a sea of influencers who have become a household name like Kusha Kapila, Dolly Singh, Vishnu Kaushal, Ankush Bahuguna etc. who have promoted many brands by creating content around them which serves two purposes: promotion of the brand and education. Their contents have a hidden message even while they are promoting. Thus, this will help you gain Instagram views and likes and Instagram followers.

    • Show off your products

    The most obvious use for which Instagram reel can be used is to promote your products and show them off. Make a teaser video for the upcoming collection so that you can get your viewers excited and hyped for the launch. Since reel videos aren’t just limited to your followers, many people will be able to view them and get acquainted with the kind of service you provide. Get a lot of traction even before you have released your collection. 

    It’s a fact that using Instagram reels will get you enough traction that would further buy you Instagram reel views, likes and help gain Instagram followers. It provides an excellent opportunity to expand your reach beyond your followers. Instagram reels is not an exact replacement for Tiktok but definitely an addictive and lucrative addition to the social media giant. 

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    Robert Malcolm
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