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    5 Types of Apps You Should Think Twice About Installing

    There are millions of phone applications available right now, and some of them might look fun or useful.

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    You’ll have to decide which ones to download and install on your phone. You have limited space, so you must be selective.

    You can often get good advice from an IT support company, Perth has some reputable ones, and the employees are all likely to tell you the same thing regarding phone apps. Some are fine to install, while others you should avoid.

    Let’s talk about some of the types of apps you should stay away from right now.

    Store Loyalty Apps

    If you spend money at a particular store often, you might want to get their app. If you do, you can get personalized offers you might like. Those can be nice, but they come at a price.

    Store loyalty apps collect and store your data. Unless you expressly forbid them from doing it, they might sell that data to third parties.

    Also, these apps usually store your credit card information, and they might not be all that secure. If someone hacks one of these apps, they can get your credit card info and possibly other personal information as well.

    Free Games

    Freemium games cost nothing to download and play, at least at first. However, these apps always try to charge you small amounts to allow you to keep playing.

    You may submit to some of these in-app purchases because they don’t cost very much. The small amounts can add up quickly, though.

    Antivirus Apps

    If you have a smartphone from a reliable company, you don’t need an antivirus app. If you have an iPhone, for instance, it comes with all the security features you’ll need.

    Also, an antivirus app is almost certainly collecting and storing your data to make a profile of your phone habits. There are limitations in place regarding what the company can do with that information, but there’s no guarantee they’re complying with those rules.

    Flashlight Apps

    You can find flashlight apps for Android or iPhone, but there’s no reason why you would ever need one. Virtually every modern smartphone comes with flashlight functionality if that’s something you need.

    All that happens when you download a flashlight app is you create redundancy. Besides, if you ever use the app, it drains your battery very quickly.

    Risky Dating Apps

    Some dating apps promise exciting local singles nearby who want to meet you. If this app is less than reputable, though, you should be suspicious of it.

    If you’re going to use a phone app for dating, make sure it’s one that has excellent ratings on the App Store or Google Play Store. Less-than-reputable apps are likely to share your information with third parties. Also, many dating websites that promise quick hookups have more pop-ups and other invasive ads than just about any other app out there.

    Avoiding these app categories is probably the best choice as you select which ones you feel you need on a daily basis.

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