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    5 Top Tips To Find a Job With a Disability

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    Finding a job can be challenging, even at the best of times and in the best of circumstances.

    If you’re trying to find work and living with a disability as well, the road to employment can seem even bumpier.

    Let’s take a look at some tips and ideas for finding work when you have a disability. Anything is possible and getting a job is no different. It’s more a matter of giving yourself every competitive advantage.

    #1 – Train for the Job You Want

    This point applies to all job seekers, not just those with a disability. If you want every chance of getting a job or career in a certain company or industry, the best idea is to first seek the appropriate training so you’re qualified to obtain a position.

    Training might be something as intense as studying for 4 years for a degree, or it could be a recognised certificate course or even an online course that arms you with the necessary knowledge and skills.

    The more you can present a potential employer with relevant credentials, the more chance you’ll have of gaining an interview and getting the job.

    #2 – Target Employers Renowned for Workplace Diversity

    One of the quickest and easiest ways to find Aussie employers who are known for creating diversity in the workplace is to perform an online search and then get in touch with them, expressing your interest in finding employment within their organisation.

    Workplace diversity includes things like hiring people from different nationalities, as well as giving disabled individuals an opportunity.

    Many Australian businesses and companies are recognising the advantages that diversity in the workplace brings, so it only makes sense to target employers of this mindset.

    #3 – Take Advantage of Disability Employment Services

    Often abbreviated to DES, Disability Employment Services is a scheme created by the government that’s purely designed to assist those living with a disability to find work. The scheme is most often administered through Jobactive providers, who can then assess your disability and your capacity to work and for how many hours.

    Training to improve your skills could also form a part of the assistance you receive. DES will help you out every step of the way until you find a job, and even offer ongoing support after you’re employed.

    To find services in your area, just search online. For example, if in Sydney try:

    #4 – Start a Home-Based Business

    Rather than looking for employment only, if you’re entrepreneurial at all, you might want to consider starting some type of business that you can operate from home. This has a number of distinct advantages.

    For starters, it’s very satisfying to work for yourself and build your own business. You also have the opportunity to potentially earn way more than a wage. Another point to note is that if you’re working from home in your own gig, you don’t have the hassle of having to travel to and from a job every day. It’s convenient and far less stressful.

    Just search online for some ideas on businesses you can run from home and also think about your current skills and experience to come up with options you could consider.

    #5 – Seek Help from Your Online Networks and Contacts

    In the modern world, it only makes sense to take advantage of the internet and the power you have at your very fingertips. Go online and connect with your online friends on social media sites. Better yet, set up a profile on LinkedIn, which is a kind of social media site dedicated to job seekers and business owners.

    If you put the word out online that you’re a person who has a disability but you’re looking for work, you just never know what might come back. The online community is massive and getting the word out is fast and can expand exponentially.

    Take advantage of the internet as a part of your job hunting plan.

    The Takeaway

    If you’re living with a disability and really want to find work, it’s definitely possible. Seek professional assistance and take full advantage of every opportunity that’s presented to you and you’ll get the job you want.

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