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    5 Tips to Increase Sales on Instagram

    When you think of Instagram as a site, one may not initially think of sales.

    Why would this huge, 1 billion users social networking site that is geared towards influencers and socializing and photo sharing, be the right platform for you to sell your goods or services? And these are all very valid understandable concerns. Instagram has not marketed itself as a forum of selling or buying and it has branded itself as one of the leaders in the social world. Well, these few statistics may answer your questions. 

    90 percent of those on Instagram follow at least one brand, and 83 percent of all the users say that Instagram helps them discover new brands to buy from. This is an astounding amount of the user demographic, and this would mean that Instagram is, additionally, also a viable platform to market your brand. 80 percent of Instagram’s 500 million daily users also said that Instagram influences their choices of whether or not to buy a specific product. 

    If you choose to spend your time marketing your product well, you will also gain Instagram followers and increase the engagement that you have on your page with your followers. 

    Here are five tips for you to follow, in order to increase your sales on Instagram.

    1] Increase your engagement 

    While the sentence ‘Increase your engagement’ may seem absurdly ambiguous, there are some easy methods for you to achieve this. What does engagement mean? Simply put, it stands for how much you interact with your followers, and how much they interact with you. In order to increase this, you would need to increase the amount of interaction that you have between those who follow you and your page. 

    An easy way of doing this is to have a contest or a competitive drive of sorts, where people can use your account as a tag on something that they upload to their story. In doing so you get free promotion of your product to a vast audience that you would not have initially been able to reach. 

    Create a contest in a manner that you give the contestants enough to be excited to participate and in an easy enough manner that it does not require too much effort. The participation effort should include posting something on their personal page while tagging your page, or uploading a story and tagging your page, and hence through cross-promotion you gain more sales for your product or service.

    2] Display your products as you would in a shop window

    Just because you have moved to an online shop, it doesn’t mean you don’t present your products as you would in a large glass shop window. You want to be displaying your product as though it were in a physical shop. 

    Here, the online platform works to your advantage, because you can easily bring whatever you choose to focus on. Display your products and your product details on your page on your posts, and try to make it easy to understand for a first-time consumer. 

    3] Create a feed that is interesting and engaging 

    Your feed or the pictures and videos that you post should be appealing to a viewer and rouse their interest about what you do. This should be the perfect pictorial representation of your work, and how your company functions. 

    The color palette that you use should build the environment that you attempt to depict your company profile as. By choosing more subtle tones, you will give off a less aggressive, less loud vibe, while picking harsher colors would stand out more and create an ambiance of assertiveness. Using color theory to propagate your products is highly recommended when it comes to increasing your possible sales from Instagram.

    4] Use Instagram to boost your sales

    Using Instagram ads to promote your posts is a method that could be feasible if your post is captivating enough. By checking your Instagram analytics, find the post that has engaged with your audience the most, and boost that post. Curate your demographic carefully, as Instagram allows you to choose the target audience for each post, the age, the gender, and the location of the user. 

    Choose these accurately for the scope of your product, and then boost the post to that demographic. You will be thus enabled to reach out to more similar-minded consumers as your current base, and very specifically target those who might be interested in your product. 

    5] Make it personal

    Making your Instagram page personal will help you create more buzz about your product and have your consumers buy more of the product. 

    By showing your team on your page, replying personally to comments, engaging your audience with stories that demonstrate some level of intimacy with the consumer, replying to direct messages, and screenshotting these to share with your consumers, will give your brand an approachable front, and hence an Instagram page that actually exists, rather than just a front for your brand. If your consumers know that you are run by actual human beings behind a social media face, they will be encouraged to communicate more with you. 

    Using these tips, you will be able to gain more followers and engage more with your audiences, while simultaneously increasing your sales for your product. Instagram is a huge platform that has been created for anybody to share almost anything with the whole world. This free platform is one of the largest markets, and it is waiting for your brand to start selling its product. So, implement our suggestions, and watch your Instagram page grow and your sales increase. 

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