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    5 Signs You Are Ready for a CRM Software Upgrade

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    CRM (Customer Relation Management) tools are widely used today.

    In fact, 91% of companies that employ over 11 employees use CRM software. It helps companies organize just about every customer interaction. 

    By using a CRM system, you get to find the most qualified leads and keep existing clients satisfied. However, there comes a time when you require a software update. 

    If your business grows quickly, you will need to make sure that you can run it smoothly. The following signs suggest a need for a CRM software upgrade. 

    1. Growing but Cannot Hire More Help

    One of the signs that you are ready for a CRM software upgrade is growth and not hiring more help. Now, growth is a great thing. However, you require more resources to sustain it. You might not have the capital to employ someone new. 

    Besides, it might not be worth it to hire someone. Therefore, it would be best to upgrade your CRM platform to take on the extra work. It would allow you to handle additional organizational work while saving time to do the following.

    • Think about things that you can do for continuous growth.
    • Find more customers. 
    • Learn about customer pain points to address.

    Figure out how to better cater to existing clients with the help of the upgrade. It can even enable you to reach out to new customers in ways that you could not in the past. In addition to this, the CRM would keep all the customer data safe and secure. 

    2. Too Much of Information Is Stored in Many Places

    When a lot of information is stored in many places, it is a sign that you need to upgrade your existing CRM. It would also be costing you too much time trying to find the required information. You cannot expect to find information if you store it in different places. 

    With the CRM upgrade, you will get to make the most of the information as everything would be stored in one place.

    There is no point in storing information if you cannot easily access it. A failure to access crucial information would hurt customer communication and take a hit on retention.

    If you fail to upgrade your CRM system, you would also be unable to provide a completely personalized experience. You need to gain valuable insight into customer preferences and that is impossible to do with an outdated system.

    Data means power. When you do not leverage its full potential through regular upgrades, you end up with a system that is unable to help your business grow. Make connections when you update the software and store everything in one place.   

    Moreover, there are many ways you might be losing data. Endless typing and manual labor would only suck away valuable time. The latest CRM software update would ensure that every manual task is automated. 

    3. Have Trouble Keeping Track of Every Communication

    If you start to experience trouble tracking every communication and feel overwhelmed, it is a sign that you are ready for a CRM software upgrade. Today, businesses communicate with customers in several ways as mentioned below.

    • Social Media
    • In-Person Meetings
    • Text Messages
    • Phone Calls
    • Emails

    With multiple messages sent through a variety of channels, you need to keep track of everything. This is where the CRM upgrade would come in handy. It would keep detailed information of every single interaction with customers.

    By upgrading your current software, you will get to easily access all customer information from one place. It would make your life a whole lot easier as every single detail would be consolidated.

    4. Lack a Consistent Sales Workflow

    A sign that you are ready for a CRM upgrade is a lack of consistent sales workflow. Running a business means that it is your job to guide customers and provide them with what they require. You must create a product funnel for leads to follow. 

    You must understand how leads enter the sales funnel, the point of each touchpoint, and how often to follow up with leads. Without a consistent sales process, it is impossible to sell. CRM software upgrade will offer sales automation to guide leads through the funnel. 

    For instance, if you have a real estate business, you can use the best Real Estate CRM to handle the sales pipeline. It should help you with every single touchpoint so that you get to keep leads hooked and convert them to boost sales. 

    Furthermore, a CRM will always ensure that you never lose track of referrals. This means that you would get to provide referrals when needed to scale your business into unchartered waters.

    5. You Want to Provide Better Customer Support

    Finally, another reason why you require a CRM software upgrade is the desire to give better customer support. The truth is that customers today are very demanding. If you fail to provide them the best customer support, they will most likely switch to a competitor. 

    When you take on more customers, you also have to deal with more problems. Clients require a lot of support and care. It can even be overwhelming at times. 

    If you struggle with keeping up, the CRM software upgrade will prove to be a lifesaver. It will provide you with the latest customer support features that ensure an omnichannel experience. 

    Bring all the conversation and messaging history under one platform to make better decisions and provide enhanced customer support. 

    Are You Ready for a CRM Software Upgrade?

    Once you have gone over our post, you will come to know whether you are ready for a CRM software upgrade or not. Since missing data leads to lost relationships which translates to lost sales, outdated CRM software is likely to hold you back.

    Hence, it might be time for an upgrade to benefit from automated administrative work, recruiting and retaining, time management, and marketing. From growing without hiring to wanting to provide better customer support, the signs mentioned above will inform you if you require an upgrade. 

    Shaheryar Sadiq
    Shaheryar Sadiq
    Shaheryar provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. Twitter handle:

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