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    5 Reasons Why Laptops Are Better Than Tablets

    Tablets are continuously hitting the market day by day. All of the major companies are entering into the development of tablets. They have jumped into the bandwagon of tablet market. Some tech experts have started predicting that the upcoming years can be proved as an end to the laptops due to the growing craze of tablets. It not only effectively minimizes the space but also brings the convenience to operate them from any place you want. Of course, sooner or later, new technology will replace the old one, but it would be too early to predict the death of the old Technology.
    Well, I don’t think so. Both are good Gadgets and are blessing to us by the modern technology. In fact, there are few points in which laptops prove to be better than the tablets. Both of them brings their own advantage and disadvantages. It finally comes down the convenience and comfort of the end-user. Let’s have a look at it.


    1. Laptops Have Physical Keyboard

    Come on, you might have tablet with awesome touch response but it can’t replace the physical keyboard at all. You can’t get the same comfort of typing on virtual keyboard of your tablet that you get on your laptop’s physical keyboard. Most of the typist take the little bumps on the keys ‘F’ and ‘J’ to improve their typing speed. But sorry there are not any bumps on the keys in the virtual keyboard. Is there any?? Moreover, people like me who have fat fingers often find touchscreen of tablets to be too small to operate. It is therefore somewhat impossible to completely replace the use of physical keyboard.

    2. Laptops Have Better Storage Capacity

    Although your tablet has microSD slot in it but you can’t take its storage level to that of laptop’s, not just yet. Everyone likes to have rich media like videos, songs in their systems but the less storage capacity on your tablet limits you from having your favorite media with you. Such limitation stops business users to replace their laptops or PC with tablets. Since there is no such storage problem on laptop, they are easy option to store large data. In future, this equation might change in the favor of tablets, but it will be too early to say anything about them.

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    3. Better Connectivity Options

    Your tablet might be supporting the USB port, 3.5 mm jack, HDMI port but sorry to say, it can’t touch the laptops in any sense. You have better connectivity options on laptops as compared to tablets. Today, everyone demands more and more from their gadgets. And the reality is that only laptops can give you better option to install heaps of other software to manage your connectivity related errands.

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    4. DVD/CD Drive

    There is not any tablet so far which supports the DVD/CD to be played on them. You might have thousands of songs and movies on your tablet in the microSD card, but having DVD/CD/ Blue ray disc is a different entertaining feature that allows you to save the important memory of your system and to enjoy songs and videos in the Plug and Play manner. And by the way, you can get this feature only on laptops.

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    5. Tablets Only Work Online

    Yes, you heard it right. Love your tablet? Well, do one thing, disconnect the WiFi from it and now use it. Now the same tablet which was your favorite now seems to idle? This is bitter but truth that tablets are only valuable when online. There are not too many features that you can enjoy when gone offline. on tablet. Saving offline maps, storage are limitations with tablets. The future is going towards cloud storage and thus the physical storage is becoming obsolete. This is where the greatest disadvantage lies. Laptops are good with internet and without internet as well. You can enjoy a lot, can create software or can do any other creativity task on your tablet, even when gone offline on your laptop.

    Well, the conclusion is not that tablets are not of any value. They are good on their own place and laptops are good on their own place. Not anyone of the two will replace the value of other ever. Now that, you have understood the importance of both, why don’t you check out some of the teamviewer alternative for your Windows and Mac laptops. Tablet fans can check out some of the best 3D games for iPad and android.

    Studied Computer science at Kuk Ngo and graduated in 2012.

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