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    5 Reasons to Study Computer Science or IT

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    Why Bother?

    When a student makes a decision to pick a field of study, he or she usually asks this question – why bother? No one wants to choose a field that is already saturated with an army of students from around the world. The more people it attracts, the fewer chances are left to find a well-salaried job.

    Well, that question applies to computer science and IT too. Degrees in these fields are very popular. This is not surprising given the accelerated rate of digital transformation and mobile applications permeating all facets of our public and personal lives. 

    According to Data USA, a free platform for collecting and analyzing shared U.S. government data, the number of Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services graduates in the workforce grew at a rate of 5.54%, from 2.06 million in 2018 to 2.17 million in 2019.

    Despite the fact that large numbers of students are seeking them these days, I argue that there are good reasons for you to choose this field as an area of your study. They still offer opportunities for building lucrative careers or starting your own business. See the detailed arguments below.

    • Give yourself a range of options

    By studying computer science and IT, you put yourself in a good position to choose from a variety of career options. Possibilities include the job of an application developer, software engineer, or an IT consultant. 

    You can opt to work as a data scientist to elicit the nature of user behavior from a large pool of data. The gaming industry is another huge area where you can find an interesting and fun job. 

    Your skills will also be in demand in the medical and education sectors. Lots of universities are now using educational tech tools to help students advance their academic performance.  

    You may as well choose to start your own business by creating an AI gadget or offering the kind of service that others are failing to provide. Digital transformation is also taking place in the public sector, which gives you access to employment opportunities with government agencies.

    • Enjoy versatility  

    Versatility is also one of your most valuable personal traits, which you will need to be developing throughout your studies. In your college, you will be asked to write essays on education, science, art, or economic developments, so you need to keep broadening your horizons to diversify your knowledge base.

    If you decide to study computer science and IT, the biggest reward will be your flexibility to move from one job to another. Your skills will be required in almost every conceivable business or public agency. 

    The nature of your work might allow greater flexibility in your working conditions. You can do some of your work online. Other pieces won’t require you to stick to a strict 9-to-6 daily routine. If you like traveling, you might as well choose to work abroad.

    As an IT expert or a consultant, you can work with companies and public agencies that have initiated citizen development as an innovative model of engaging their non-IT staff in application development. While they are using low-code/no-code tools to engage employees with basic computer skills, your professional services will still be required to ensure compliance with the professional standards. 

    • Get an internship with a top tech company

    As a student, you will gain access to exceptional internship opportunities with leading tech companies. If you study well, most of the top firms will be more than willing to attract the rising talent to join their ranks at some point in the future. To that end, you’ll need to keep checking the website of the top 500 companies for internship opportunities.

    One example is the Silicon Valley internship program in the U.S., which is one of the dream internship opportunities for any IT student. Similar opportunities are also available in Europe.

    • Increase your chance of getting a scholarship

    When you decide to study computer science or IT, you’d want to join the best schools for computer science to get the top-quality education. A good scholarship never hurts the cause. There are a number of generous scholarships offered in the field of computer science. For instance, Google and Microsoft offer up to $10,000. Other companies may agree to pay the full tuition cost. 

    Keep checking the website of the top companies to find out the terms and eligibility criteria. You can also talk to your college or university if they have partnerships with any of the top companies or foundations that you could apply to.

    • Invest in your and the world’s future

    By mastering computer science or IT, you also start building expert knowledge in an area with so many emerging technologies and opportunities. What will be another major leap in the industry? Will blockchain take over? Are cryptocurrencies going to replace conventional currencies? 

    If any of this happens, you’ll be best placed to jump on the bandwagon. Cybersecurity is another area with growing prominence. As digital transformation accelerates, companies and agencies will need intensified measures to protect themselves from cyber-attacks.

    Final Thoughts

    In today’s crazy world of constant updates, upgrades, and technological discoveries, many of us are on the fence about whether to choose computer science or IT or not. These fields continue to attract lots of students from across the world, and the increasing demand is unlikely to taper off in the near future.

    Nevertheless, there are valid reasons for you to pick computer science or IT. As long as you remain committed to studying diligently and passionately, these fields offer a multitude of opportunities for jobs, business, and further professional development. So, stop worrying about it, make a decision, and prepare yourself for a great start.


    Joanne Elliot has built a successful career in the field of computer science and IT. At the same time, she has been providing insightful reviews of the latest technologies and apps as a professional writer and contributor to numerous online publications. Follow Joanne to find out what computer science has to offer to college students or young entrepreneurs.

    Joanne Elliott
    Joanne Elliott
    Joanne Elliot as a freelance writer and digital marketer, has used her years of experience to help many people. She offers businesses, including startups, the advice needed to improve business functions and other aspects. Joanne enjoys swimming and watching movies with friends.

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