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    5 Important Question to Ask When Choosing the Best RTO

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    Are you keen on learning something new, but dislike to submerge in the traditional learning waters, such as universities?

    Or perhaps your aim is to make a big career change, but don’t know how to obtain necessary the skills and knowledge for that profession?

    Then the ideal solution for you would be registered training organisations (RTOs). RTOs will help you obtain the necessary skills and certifications for the start of your new career.

    However, not all RTOs are the best choice for your situation. Every organisation will go out of their way to prove to you they are the right fit for you. Even though they may sound believable, you need to find the one that is the best for your situation.

    Here’s how you will succeed.

    1. Do I understand what RTO is?

    By now you’re probably aware of the fact that the acronym RTO means registered training organisation. However, many people confuse it with similar terms in the same field. Is there any difference between RTO and TAFE? Many people use these terms interchangeably, but, in fact, they are not the same.

    It’s crucial not to get caught up in this word mess. Even though things may seem complicated at first, they are not! The difference is quite simple. While TAFE (technical and further education) is owned by the government, RTOs are private organisations. Each has its own pros and cons. However, it’s advisable to take a look at the cons of TAFE which may be the main reason why you should opt for RTO!

    2. Is it worth it?

    The next thing you should be worrying about is the cost. Is it worth the money I’m about to pay and how much money do I need to spend on my training? Just like anything in the world, the answer depends on many factors. Believe it or not, there are hundreds of organisations that are ready to offer you their training programmes. It’s up to you to decide which one you’re about to take!

    Keep in mind that there are different organisations. Therefore, the prices vary from one organisation to the other. It doesn’t mean you’ll get the best training possible if you purchase the most expensive one, just like it doesn’t mean that your training will be bad if it doesn’t cost a fortune. The best solution is to contact your top agencies and check out how much your training would cost.

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    3. What are the key aspects I should look for in RTO?

    Since you’re aware that different organisations exist, you still need to be extra cautious when choosing the adequate one for your needs. What are the key aspects of quality RTO? One of the main things you need to look for is accreditation. What does that mean? You need to find out whether the organisation is registered or not. Only certificates in registered organisations are recognised by the government.

    Besides the price and accreditation, make sure to check out the experiences of other users. Look at the ratings and comments left by previous students and decide whether that type of education is for you. In addition to that, find out if your organisation of choice offers training that is suitable for you. Contact Compliant Learning and get adequate learning resources for the top-notch new qualifications that will launch you straight up in the business world.

    4. Are there any red flags to look out for?

    If you started your research on the perfect RTO for you, you probably noticed that not many organisations talk about their pass rate. However, if you come across an RTO that claims 100% pass rate, be aware. It’s the first major red flag you should look out for. The point of your education isn’t only to pass but to learn something new and obtain new skills that will help you advance in or change your career.

    Surely, there will be RTOs whose main philosophy is profit over quality of knowledge. If you notice that they emphasise the number of students that passed through their organisation, they are most likely an RTO that emphasises profit. Even though you’d pass for sure, their certificate won’t be worth much on the market.

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    5. What can I do with the certificate?

    When choosing an RTO, you need to ensure you’re getting an accredited certificate. Besides that, there are three types of training certificates, and you need the right one to work in your chosen field. If you’ve gone through an accredited programme, you’re more likely to get a job and impress your future employer with the knowledge you’ve obtained.

    Don’t forget to include your certificate in your CV and resume. That will show your future manager you’re truly qualified for the position.


    As you can see, RTO is an ideal option if you want to advance in your career or gain new qualifications. However, you ought to be careful when choosing the organisation for you. Only the best ones can offer a comprehensive training programme with adequate resources that will kickstart your career.

    Mike Parsons
    Mike Parsons
    Mike is an Australian business consulting specialist. He’s working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He often writes about technology, business and marketing and is a regular contributor on several sites.

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