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    5 Free & Best Browsers For Android

    Android, the mobile operating system by search giant Google, has achieved a tremendous success and has become the no.1 mobile operating system. People from all over the globe are crazy for the internet. Surfing the internet and social networking sites have become a regular part of everyday life. This is where Android excels and get a yard ahead of competitor Apple’s iOS. Android is best known for its rich internet related features which allow users to have desktop type experience of the internet. Although the default browser on Android is very rich in features, still you can download many other Best Browsers For Android from the Google Play store.  Like any other OS, Android is blessed with good developers. The browsers for android is available in abundance and hence it becomes extremely important to choose a right browser for your device. Let’s have a look at the best browsers for Android.

    Best Browsers For Android

    Like any other OS, Android is blessed with good developers. The browsers for android is available in abundance and hence it becomes extremely important to choose a right browser for your device. Let’s have a look at the best browsers for Android. The browsers provided for the android platform are much better and powerful as compare to any other famous OS. This is possible because android is an open source platform and everyone can modify its applications with their creativity. Currently, the browsers provided for android have become multi-functional. Now there is no need to download any additional media player because it is available in most of the browsers. There are some best browsers for android which are capable of providing you great browsing as well as downloading speed. Also, these browsers are much reliable and robust as compare to the browsers available for windows.


    1. Chrome

    Best Browsers For Android
    Google Chrome is the best and most used browser on PC. Google recently jumped into the browser bandwagon and provided its own cooked browser to the Android users. Google has now released the official version for Android as well and is available to use on devices running on Android 4.0. Along with the desktop type surfing of websites, the feature that I like the most is lightening fast speed. All the websites open within the matter of few seconds. As this browser is still in beta mode, so some features are missing from it like flash support. But all other features are really awesome. Google chrome is known for its slick features and faster performance. It doesn’t hog too much memory of your device making it an obvious choice for the users.

    2. UC browser

    Best Browsers For Android
    Unarguably, it’s one of the best browser available in  Google Play store. It comes with heaps of features that’s only available in top-notch browsers. UC is one of the most downloaded browser for Android. The browser features fast speed and less data usage. Data saving becomes very helpful when you have limited data plan. The smooth and sleek interface along with fluent browsing speed has made it to come in the catregory of Best Browsers For Android . It comes with many additional services such as ad blocker, music player and video player etc.

    3. Opera Browser

    Best Browsers For Android
    Opera Mobile is a well known browser on Android. Opera is already one of the best browser available for featured phone. The same legacy is carried upon by the smartphone version of the browser as well. The brand name Opera is enough to speak about the features of this awesome browser. This one comes with the support of flash and allows you to fast buffering of YouTube. Another good feature is its turbo mode. This mode results in the compression of web pages, which results in fast internet access and data saving as well. The opera browser known for providing compressed data which not only results in faster loading of web page but also saves lots of bandwidth.


    4. Firefox

    Best Browsers For Android
    Well known PC Browser Firefox has its Android client as well. Firefox intends to compete with the likes of Chrome, Dolphin and Opera browsers for android. Although the Android version is not as good as the desktop one, but it still comes with many good features and is able to stand in the list of Best Browsers For Android. As is the case with desktop version, the speed of the app is an issue and can hamper your experience. You can access the desktop version of websites and can open multiple tabs with easy access.

    5. OverSkreen

    Best Browsers For Android
    This one is also good with lots of amazing features. Just download the app and start enjoying the internet without any adjustment with fun. Along with the fast loading of websites, the features that I like the most is the flash support and pop-up blocker by which you can block annoying pop-ups.

    That’s it. Although all the browsers are best in features, still the choice depends on your needs. Just find out that which browser satisfy your needs and download it. I personally like the Dolphin HD. And you?
    Follow the tutorial to download APK files from Google Play store located here. You might be interested in checking out Google chrome alternatives posted on Geniusgeeks.

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    1. Personally I’m using Dolphin Browser HD on my Galaxy Ace. I want to try Firefox once but that one is not compatible with device.

      Nice list 🙂


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