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    5 Driving Games to Play Right Now

    If your budget can’t quite stretch to a high-end sports car, then you might consider going for a digital alternative, instead. Flinging a Lamborghini around a virtual track isn’t quite as hair-raising as the real thing, but there’s a much lower barrier to entry. Plus, there’s reduced risk that you’ll write the thing off in the process. 

    Sure, it’s not quite the same thing as buying a real car – but there are ways around that. If you want to spend a little extra on steering wheel and pedal peripherals, then you might find that the experience gets that little bit more authentic.


    Wreckfest calls to mind the classic games of the nineties, like Destruction Derby. It comes with realistic car physics, which means that every impact will send tiny bits of shredded metal flying across the screen. It lets you do things that you can’t do in real life – and that you probably wouldn’t want to do in real life! Make sure that you take out rivals, and show no mercy!


    If you’re more interested in navigating harsh landscapes than you are with racing around a track, then Mudrunner might be the game for you. With ultra-realistic vehicle and environment dynamics, you can really get stuck into the driving experience. There are a few different DLC packs to complement the fun, which will allow you to travel through a whole range of landscapes in a variety of fun vehicles.


    If you get tired of getting stuck in the mud, then you might make the switch to Snowrunner. This game employs the same basic concept, except that the environments are snowier. Perfect for fans of Ice Road Truckers. You’ll need exceptional clutch control, and the ability to spot a path through the wilderness.

    Forza Horizon 4

    The Forza series sets the standard for the modern high-end racing game, and Forza Horizon 4 is no exception. Included is a range of licensed vehicles, which you’ll be able to race around a massive, open-world version of Great Britain. This basically means you’ll be able to power a McLaren through the Lake District and the Cotswolds without having a long drive between the two. Until Gran Turismo 7 arrives next year, Forza Horizon can justifiably claim to set the standard for racing games of this sort.

    F1 2020

    For fans of Formula 1, there’s only really one choice when it comes to racing games. The F1 series packs in every detail you could want from a racing simulator, with much of the sport thrown in beside the actual racing. In career mode, you’ll be able to guide a rookie racer all the way to the championship – but the real challenge comes from retaining the trophy. After all, there will be nineteen other drivers trying to stop you – including your own team-mate!

    Robert Malcolm
    Robert Malcolm
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