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    5 Cyber Security Mistakes Startups Are Often Guilty of Making

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    For any entrepreneur, the discussion of cybersecurity can seem both complex and overwhelming at times.

    When this is tied into sales, daily operations, and other priorities, some may consider it totally irrelevant. However, today cyber threats are more prevalent than ever, which is why it is essential for small businesses to pay attention.

    While managed it services can help with cybersecurity needs, there are some issues that small business owners need to be aware of. There are also mistakes that should be avoided. Keep reading to learn what some of the most common mistakes are.

    1. Complacency

    If a business is first starting out, the owner may not realize how valuable their information is. Most smaller organizations don’t consider themselves to be viable targets for malicious individuals or hackers. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Cybercriminals want all personal data; it doesn’t matter how big or small the business is. So it’s essential to count on professionals that can help safeguard your data and documents. Having an off-site backup is always a good idea, and companies like can help with that.

    2. Only Relying on Endpoint Security

    Some people have probably heard about layered security, which is an approach for building a defense strategy. Unfortunately, there are many organizations that are not taking this seriously. Instead, they are only using endpoint security. With layered security, there are several levels of protection against any hackers. This helps to secure devices and information much better than endpoint security.

    3. Ignoring the Problem of People

    A new business’s security is only as strong as the people who are working there. Even if there is just one person, that person may cause issues. The fact is, human error is real and it is a major case of cyber issues.

    Startup companies need to consider access control. Don’t let just anyone get into the backend of the business. This is the best way to avoid issues with security.

    4. Not Making an Investment in Security

    Usually, new businesses want to avoid additional costs. Some are reluctant to invest in cybersecurity. Unfortunately, these are the same businesses that will regret this down the road. What many small business owners do not realize is that cybersecurity does not have to be expensive. There is a huge array of security software, anti-malware, and more that can be used at a reasonable price.

    5. Device Management

    New businesses that do not have much equipment to secure may try to install protective software on every device. Even though this may work close to the beginning, it may become an issue if more equipment is added and it is protected one-at-a-time. Attackers have more tools and equipment than ever before. Some of these can circumvent all the protective software that is used on individual devices. If they gain access to one, then the entire network is in their hands.

    To help avoid this, the approach used must be integrated from the start. Instead of focusing on protecting specific devices, be sure to protect the entire network.

    Getting the Safety and Security Needed

    When it comes to a small business network, there are more than a few factors to consider. Be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind to achieve the desired results and keep the network secure, regardless of what threats may be out there. Being informed is the best way to protect the information and data a small business owns.

    Robert Malcolm
    Robert Malcolm
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