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    5 Common Questions About White Label Forex Providers

    Forex providers

    The booming Forex market, along with its promise of life-changing returns, attracts millions of traders each year.

    Eventually, online brokerages realised that there was an appetite for new innovative services with entrepreneurs wanting to start independent brokerages.

    However, the barrier to entry has always been extremely high. One thing is for sure. A new brokerage will require vast amounts of investment of time and money.

    Additionally, while there are plenty of white label Forex providers out there, many of them fail to explain this complicated market and their services adequately.

    Popcorn Technology is different.

    Popcorn is one of the leading Forex white label providers and has made it their mission to be helpful.

    Here are five common questions about Popcorn and its services.

    What Is a White Label Service?

    Popcorn has established systems and processes that have been tested and optimised over several years.

    Some of the services they provide are customer relationship management software, affiliate programs and licensing of the MT4 trading platform.

    Popcorn will make their existing infrastructure and their expert team available to a new brokerage to use as its own.

    Better still, each of its products like websites, email responders and the MT4 trading platform can be branded according to a clients branding guidelines.

    Is It Better to Use a White Label Service or Develop Proprietary Software?

    Specialist software is fantastic, but it comes at a hefty price. Also, even the best software programs come with problems.

    They involve a lot of testing and adjusting by competent programmers and engineers to ensure all faults are gradually rectified.

    That is a fact of life and can’t be avoided.  

    Also, the infrastructure needed to operate the system is costly and will need to be upgraded as a brokerage grows.

    If capital isn’t an issue, then custom software is a great option.

    However, most people do not have access to a limitless budget and therefore, will need to spend their cash wisely.

    White label services have a cost, but it is significantly less.

    Furthermore, infrastructure and maintenance are taken care of by Popcorn.

    Testing has already been carried out, and downtime is to an absolute minimum.

    Will White Label Services Be Challenging to Use?

    Popcorn has a dedicated start-up team who specialise in helping new brokerages.

    They have expert knowledge on matters like branding, customer services and affiliate marketing. They provide training and are available 24/5.

    They see themselves as a partner and will help a new brokerage to grow alongside them.

    Is the MT4 Platform Available?

    MT4 is the platform of choice for millions of traders around the world.

    Popcorn offers it to its customers, knowing that many retail traders trust it and understand how it functions.

    Using the MT4 platform ensures a brand stands out and establishes trust with potential clients.

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