What are the latest gadgets for home that you should have right now? We tell you! The great thing about the must have home gadgets we’re going to talk about here is that they are all simple, easy to use and highly intuitive. And they make your everyday life so much simpler, better and safer. Let’s find out more about these brand new gadgets for home!

NotionA Simple Solution for Home Security

Notion is a highly sophisticated home intelligence system that uses a very tiny but smart multi-function sensor that detects so many things in your home – a sudden rise in temperature, an unusual sound, a water leak, unexpected opening or closing of a door or cabinet and more. When Notion detects anything unusual, it sends a message to your smartphone using an app. You can, for instance, place Notion on the back door – this way, you will know if someone makes an entry by opening it when you’re away from home. Also, Notion’s temperature sensor detects fire very quickly and alerts you in time. Notion is available for sale and costs you $99.

Petcube An Interactive Pet Cam

Petcube is similar to a nanny cam, except that it is for your pet dog. You can watch over your pet using Petcube and find out what your dog is up to. It comes with a microphone as well, which means you can say hi to your pet dog even when you’re dozens of miles away at the office and admonish him if he’s been acting naughty and has strewn garbage all over the living room area. It also has a built-in, controllable laser, using which you can play with your pet. Petcube costs $199 and is one of the best pet cameras in the market.

Smarter Wi-Fi Coffee MachineFor Coffee Addicts

Smarter Wi-Fi Coffee Machine tackles a very first world problem – getting your coffee prepared without getting up from the bed. The machine costs just $150 and can be “ordered” to prepare coffee using an app in your smartphone. One your command, the machine grinds the beans and delivers coffee the way you like it – hot and fresh, waiting for you as soon as you enter the kitchen.

Izon Stem Wi-Fi Video MonitorHome Security for the Frequent Traveler

Izon Stem Wi-Fi Video Monitor is a video surveillance cam that allows you to check up on your home when you are away from your iPhone or Android using an app. You can place the camera wherever you like and connect it to the home’s wireless internet, this way you can observe what’s happening in the house. You can hear what’s happening in a room as well. The best part is that the Izon Stem Wi-Fi Video Monitor costs just under $100.

Logitech Harmony Home ControlThe Smart Universal Remote Control

This Logitech device is a universal remote control that works by converting your smartphone into a remote. It comes with a base and a universal smart remote of its own as well. It works with over 270,000 electronic devices such as TV, cable boxes, Blu-Ray players, Xbox, Apple TV, Roku, Sonos, Philips Hue and so on. It also allows you to lower the lights or to adjust the thermostats. The Logitech Harmony Home Control costs $149.95 and is available in stores right now.

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