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    4 Ways to Find Song and Identify in your Android and iOS

    It might happend to you that a particular song is stuck it into your mind but you would not be able to recogonize that song at that time and, sometimes it becomes difficult to remember the lyrics of song but now you need not to get worried because we have come up with the solution of your problem just right here. Here is the list of the simple and best apps that will identify the songs for you. What you need to do is just sing the song or by just humming!

    1. Musipedia: Musipedia offers a wealth of ways to identify your music, from the super-simple keyboard tapping (which actually came up with squat for both our songs) to drawing the musical notes on a graph, to melodic contour search using the Parsons Code in all, a good octave above our musical heads. The other thing it offers is a sweet Flash-based piano keyboard that lets you plunk out the music you’re trying to identify. After you hit the notes on the virtual keyboard, it will play them back to ensure it sounds roughly as you intended. Once the melody is set, you can ask the service to search. We are unsure if this is because Squeeze’s back catalog has not made it into the service’s database, but the site seemed to have no difficulty matching many “classical” tunes to the simple note pattern we’d laid down.
    2. Find songs and Music

    3. Tunatic: Tunatic is offered as free downloadable software for PCs and Macs, rather than as a web-based service, although it does need an Internet connection to access the database to find the track. With a super-simple, thumbnail-size interface, you simply click and blast your mic with the tune you want identified. The results were interesting. Tunatic got both of the songs within seconds, but attributed them to artists that were not quite correct.
    4. Shazam: The Shazam music identifying service is available across a variety of mobile devices some even come with the app pre-loaded. BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android, and Nokia apps are all offered, but we took a look at the free option available in the App Store for iPhones and iPod touches. The free version offers you limited functionality compared to the full per month version, but it does let you “tag” (i.e., record and hopefully identify) five songs a month. It is really easy to use. Just download the app, load it up, and hit “tag now,” at which point Shazam “listens” for about 10 seconds before analyzing the track, identifying it, and offering an iTunes link to buy it, the ability to share it on Face book and Twitter, to look up YouTube videos, see tour dates, and more. You can even add a location to a tag, and if you’re not in an area where there’s cell coverage or Wi-Fi, the app will save the musical snippet until you are.
    5. Name My Tune: Name My Tune is not the best option if you want instant answers, but it does offers really neat functionality in that its answers are from a community that you can get involved with. The site offers two options “record your 10-second clip for others to identify” (with the answer e-mailed to you when someone does) and “listen to recordings others have made”. You can do this second option via genre, and via era. So if you’re a 1960s blues bluff, you can listen to a narrowed down set of results in order to try and help your fellow netizens. Once you have identified a tune you simply enter the artist and title. As for anyone recognizing our out-of-tune warbling into the mic, we have had no e-mails from the service as yet (hence our reason for stating it’s not the best option for those looking for instant relief), but we will update this post when we do with how long it took for an answer to come through.
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    1. I was searching badly over web for these app for my Samsung ace . Thanks to author…..nice work keep it up 🙂


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