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    4 Free Offline Mac Backup Applications

    Macs are less vulnerable to spyware & viruses than PC’s, they are just as likely to get stolen or suffer from a hardware failure. If that happens will it be your data loss, or just an inconvenience? It depends on how well you back up your Mac. Few days ago, we shared a list of Free Backup tools for Linux/ubuntu and some cool mac related stuff also like Mac Icons, Remote access Mac applications and a tutorial about how you can convert .flac to .mp3 in mac

    To restore the accidently deleted files, you can use mac backup applications which are available on internet for free of cost. Data may lose due to many reasons such as malware or virus attack or operating system crash. In this kind of situation, important files related to official work or personal stuff like videos or audios become invisible from your hard disk. Don panic because every problem has a solution, and this article is the solution of your data loss in Mac operating system. Today, here we are sharing best Mac backup applications for Mac, hope you will like them, let us know which backup mac application you like most.

    Time Machine


    Time Machine, the backup software included with the Mac OS since OS X 10.5, lets you easily create and maintain current backups of all your important data. There are 3 phases of backing up data from time machine which are:-

    • Setup
    • Backup
    • Restore

    During this process, external storage device is attached to the Mac book. After setting up the storage device, you can create automatic backup of any past time such as last few hours, months or year. When backup is completely taken, select the files you want to restore and press ok to execute.

    Silver Keeper

    SilverKeeper is one of the free Mac backup applications from LaCie that automates backups to external storage devices like hard drives, and other removable storage devices that have SATA/eSATA, IDE, ATA/ATAPI, SCSI, USB, or FireWire interfaces. It is now compatible with OS X 10.3.9 through 10.5.x. This includes the current version 10.5.5 of OS X.


    Mathusalem is a robust and unintrusive backup system for Mac OS X Leopard, which can be used either as a System Preferences pane or directly as a command line tool. Mathusalem is complementary to Time Machine as it backups automatically one or more directories of your choice to remote servers in order ensure extra safety of your most important data. Be aware that Mathusalem is among the Mac Backup Applications which are not design ed to “clone” an entire file system or a subportion of it, but instead to optimally handle everyday simple backups.


    Bonkey runs on both Mac and Windows & has a lot of great features. It supports email, FTP, and Amazon S3, compression, encryption, scheduling, and synchronization. It’ll even back up MS SQL server databases.

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