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    30 Tools to Improve your Windows 7 Experience

    Microsoft has launched windows 10 as the latest version but still windows 7 are used by a large number of people worldwide.

    It is very easy to operate and capable of handling every type of software applications. To enhance the capabilities of this operating system, you can use various software applications that are easily available on internet.

    These software could be anything like antivirus, editing software or browser etc. To improve your windows 7 experience, download them and sees the difference instantly. Some of them are free of cost while others can be availed by paying a certain amount of money.

    All these tools are very useful for the fluent running of your windows 7.

    Here is a list of complete 30 tools that covers almost everything that is needed for running your computer system smoothly. If you are using windows 7, you can lay your hands on a number of applications to improve your windows experience.

    These applications speed up your computer, thus giving you more productivity.

    Here is a list, just check it out:-

    improve your Windows 7

    30 Tools to Improve your Windows 7 Experience

    AVG AntiVirus

    improve your Windows 7
    This is known to be one of the best antiviruses for windows 7. It was first launched in the year the year 1991 and is being worked up on since then. Its providers are working on it to make it even better. Several other anti-virus software are also available online but this one is known to be the best amongst them all. You can download it for free and safeguard your PC from virus.


    improve your Windows 7
    This application can be downloaded to record as well as edit sound. You can experiment with your audio files using this application; be it combining two or more sound files, editing them or recording fresh sounds, everything is possible with this application.

    SpyWare Terminator

    improve your Windows 7
    As the name suggests this application helps in keeping your computer free from Spy wares. It is readily available on the internet; you can download it for free and protect your PC from destructive spy wares.

    SpyBot Search and Destroy

    improve your Windows 7
    Spy wares are becoming a great threat to the computers theses days. The SpyBot Search and Destroy application helps in the smooth functioning of your computer. It is quite popular; several people are using this to safeguard their PCs from the harmful effect of spy wares.


    improve your Windows 7
    The combination of Ad-Aware and SpyBot Search and Destroy application is lethal. They work hand in hand to ensure your computer’s protection. Thus, it is recommended to download them both and secure your computer. You would not be charged anything to download either of them.

    Win Patrol is now closed down. There is an article that will provide some alternatives if you are looking for them:

    8 Best WinPatrol Alternatives

    Free Download Manager

    improve your Windows 7
    Downloading files from the internet is one of the most time-consuming tasks. It even slows down the speed of the other applications that are running on your PC. Free Download Manager helps in speeding up downloading. With this you don’t have to sit for hours and watch your files getting downloaded. Our download speed gets increased up to 600%; helping you enjoy speedy and uninterrupted downloading.


    improve your Windows 7
    Though copy-pasting is known to be the simplest task that can be performed on a computer, however, even this task can be pretty weary at times. If you try copy-pasting big files and folders, it can be quite time-consuming. This application can be downloaded for free to enhance your cut-copy-paste experience. You can copy paste text, files and folders at a greater speed using this application.

    Foxit – PDF Reader for Windows 7

    improve your Windows 7
    This can be loaded easily and instantly in flash unlike Adobe’s PDF Reader which is slow and takes a lot of time to load. Adobe has been quite popular since a long time, but now a number of users are switching over to Foxit PDF Reader because of the speed it offers.

    Google Web Accelerator

    improve your Windows 7
    A slow internet connection can actually piss you off; it not only hampers work but also makes you feel bored and weary. Google Web Accelerator helps in enhancing your browsing experience. Download this application to get a good internet speed.


    improve your Windows 7
    With the help of this application you can minimize few of your windows to the tray rather than keeping all of them in the taskbar. You can also create shortcuts to hide or unhide your windows to a tray icon. There is also an option of hiding certain chosen windows mechanically.


    improve your Windows 7
    It has the power to mechanize almost everything by way of mouse clicks and keystrokes. Just like you have an option of speed dial on your mobile, similarly, you get the option of hotkeys with this application. You can assign different functions to different keys and open applications with single keystroke. The AutoHotKey application has an integrated macro-recorder which is quite useful. Though you may find this application a bit complicated as compared to the others, but once you start using it, you will enjoy the amazing features it offers. And the best part is that you get to enjoy all this for free; you are not charged anything for downloading application.


    improve your Windows 7
    It helps in faster and easier web navigation. It enables you to manage password and fill web forms with ease. Download it for free and enjoy the amazing features it has in store for you.


    improve your Windows 7
    This application can be downloaded free of cost and enables you to craft online tutorials, demonstration videos and other similar stuff.


    improve your Windows 7
    This application is readily available on the internet and can be downloaded for free. It helps in opening your bookmarks and documents instantly by pressing certain keys on your keyboard. Its keyboard shortcuts can also be used to browse your computer, explore Google and other sites, check weather, utilize calculator, play music, view pictures, open folders and conduct a number of other functions.


    improve your Windows 7
    This is a popular application which is used to compress different files. You can zip around 50 archive file formats using the IZArc application. It is available for free and can be downloaded easily.


    improve your Windows 7
    This can be downloaded to zip files easily and almost immediately.
    It helps in compressing various file formats. 7-Zip can be downloaded free of cost and can be used to compress various files.


    improve your Windows 7
    It is an FTP client loaded with a number of features. It offers a great speed and is known to be the most dependable FTP client. FileZilla can be downloaded for free and used easily.


    improve your Windows 7
    This application is used to clean up your disk space. It helps in the smooth functioning of your system by removing the temporary and unused files.

    Ecobyte replace text

    improve your Windows 7
    If you are one of those who need to look for words and replace them frequently in multiple files, this is the application for you. Searching for text and then replacing it one by one is quite a tiresome task. However, if you download the BK ReplaceEm application, the task would become quite simple; you would be able to do it in one go. The application can be downloaded for free and can simplify your find-replace task.


    improve your Windows 7
    You can download this application on windows 7 and enjoy talking to people around the world and that too for free. There is no charge for downloading as well as using this unique application. Skype has gained immense popularity; more and more people are using this application to speak to their relatives, friends, colleagues and clients residing in distant cities and countries.


    improve your Windows 7
    It offers easy accessibility to the search engines that are frequently visited. You can choose from the search engine list by opening the menu and pressing the window and w key on your keyboard. It is also possible to open a particular search engine instantly by clicking on your customized keystrokes.

    Open Office

    improve your Windows 7
    This is similar to the famous Office Suite introduced by Microsoft. A web page editor, spreadsheet software, word processor, presentation and photo software are included in the application.

    Gmail Offline

    improve your Windows 7

    By far the most excellent email service provider; it offers amazing features such as the option of filtering emails, labeling them, creating different folders based upon the kind of emails, etc. The storage space that this email client provides is also immense. This is a chrome extension that will enable you to use some of the gmail data even when your computer is on offline mode.

    Better Gmail

    improve your Windows 7
    Gmail in itself is amazing, however if you are looking for an even more enhanced experience you may download the Better Gmail Firefox extension. Apart from all the features that Gmail offers, the Better Gmail application includes other features such as a variety of colorful and vibrant Gmail skins, Google calendar incorporated in folder list, additional macros and saved searches.

    Google Calendar

    improve your Windows 7
    Download Google calendar and get organized. Google calendar gives you the option of setting reminders, adding events, etc. You can use it to keep a track of all your important dates and events which are otherwise hard to remember. Download it for free and follow your schedules with ease.

    Fast Copy

    improve your Windows 7
    Copy pasting text and small files doesn’t take much time, however, if you are aiming at copy pasting bigger files and folders, it may consume a lot of time. The FastCopy application can be used to speed up this process. You can download it for free and speed up copy-pasting on windows 7.

    Copy Handler

    improve your Windows 7
    It comes with shell integration and enhances your copy paste experience. Though it does not perform the copy paste functions as speedily as its counterparts, TeraCopy and FastCopy but is certainly much faster than the normal windows 7. You can download it for free and increase the copy-paste speed.


    improve your Windows 7
    TweetDeck is used for social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedln, etc. It is used to view profiles and send and receive messages on these sites. The popularity of this application has increased with the increase in the number of social networking site users. Tweetdeck is available for free; you can download it and use it to connect to your fellow social networking members.

    Window Blinds

    improve your Windows 7
    Its a great Windows 7 tool, helps in customizing your windows. Download it for free and enhance your windows 7’s look.

    Studied Computer science at Kuk Ngo and graduated in 2012.

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