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    3 Ways to Download Videos from Megavideo

    Along with the advancement in internet speed through the world, the use of video streaming websites has also increased.

    There are many websites who provides free videos streaming service but their links reliability and video quality is always questioned. As a new player in online videos streaming industry, mega videos are rising with a great speed. you may consider it as an alternative of you tube because  of the countless videos provided by this website. To download videos from MegaVideo, you need some special techniques which are provided in below article.

    Megavideo is world’s one of the largest video site which allows users to make money from just uploading and sharing their videos to the site. It was launched in August 10th, 2007 as a rival to youtube and has seen immense growth since its birth. Though MegaVideo is far from beating YouTube but people have already started using it to share and upload their videos. They recenlty imposed a limitation on free users that the viewing time is restricted to 72 minutes, after which the playing video shows an image stating that the user will need to wait for 54 minutes before continuing to view MegaVideo hosted content. Moreover, free users cannot download videos from MegaVideo unless they are a premium member.

    download videos from MegaVideo

    Here are the various ways which allow you to download videos from Megavideo:

    1. Download Megavideo Videos with Megavideo Video Downloader

    download videos from MegaVideo

    Megavideo Video Downloader will let you download and save Megavideo videos on to your PC, Ipod, Iphone, PSP, Mobile Phone with just a single click. It is a small, fast, useful, practical and powerful. It has a clean, simple interface.You can simply watch the flash video (flv) using the default media player classic after downloading. You neither need any flv player nor any codecs to watch the downloaded video!

    Features of Megavideo Downloader

    1. Easy to download from
    2. You can get the size, length of a file before downloading it.
    3. Clean and simple interface.
    4. Easy to use.
    5. You can download several megavideo videos at the same time
    6. You can save megavideo video as an .avi, .mpeg, .wmv, .flv file.

    How to download Megavideo videos?

    Megavideo Video Downloader is very simple inerface and easy to use. what you need is to simply paste the URL of a megavideo video into the program and then click Add. After that, choose a folder where you want to save the downloaded video file. Now choose the video format in which you want to save the downloaded file. Choose Auto or against “Download From” and click the Start Download icon. The video file will be automatically downloaded into the desired destination folder.

    You can also download videos from MegaVideo  by using Improved MegaVideo Downloader 0.9 , which automatically detects video you are watching in a browser, and downloads it to AVI, MP3, 3GP or FLV. This Application is plugin based, and supports MegaVideo, YouTube, DailyMotion and All major browsers are supported, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox and Opera.

    2. Download Megavideo Videos with Browser Directly

    download videos from MegaVideo

    Here is a little trick by using which, you can easily download and save MegaVideo videos to your computer and even watch them offline whenever you like. It involves following steps:

    1. Open your MegaVideo video in your browser and let it fully loaded,
    2. Whn you are done with watching the video online,
    3. Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Settings -> View Files (For IE)
    4. Now you will get there a large size file with long name and unknown type
    5. Copy and paste that file at desktop, this file is the video file in flv format
    6. Rename it with flv extension, say e.g. MyMega.flv

    Notes: l Download FLV PLAYER and use it as you will be needing it to watch the downloaded videos.
    l Remember to close all browsers and applications while trying to copy the video file
    Always make sure that you perform this trick using Internet Explorer and not Firefox. For Firefox users, they will have to manually themselves locate the Temporary Internet Files folder in order to download videos from MegaVideo .

    3. Download Megavideo Videos with Firefox extension

    download videos from MegaVideo

    This method will run in your Firefox Browser as not everyone may have access to Internet Explorer. For this you need to install the popular firefox extension called DownloadHelper. It is able to download any streaming content running in your firefox browser, so you can easily download videos from ANY video streaming sites with a single click. It is simple to use and you need to follow the following steps to download videos from megaVideo:

    1. Install the Extension.
    2. You will see a small icon(clip_image003) in the top right hand side of your browser window. If it is not present there then right-click on the toolbar and click “customize”. You will see the downloadhelper icon there. Just drag it where you want it to locate on your toolbar.
    3. Now, the downloadhelper button will animate and become coloured, whenever you are on a site with streaming content. by clicking on it, you will see the link to the different streaming files. Mostly there will only be one file when surfing sites likes megavideo, youtube, dailymotion, etc. Just click the file to start the downloading.

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