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    3 Free Online Fax to email services

    Everybody is familiar with the name of fax machine because they were the only method to convey important documents from one place to another instantly. Huge fax machines can be still seen in many offices but their use has been decreased at lowest level. It needs advancement, so the online fax to email services are in trend now. By using these services, you can easily send fax to a desired machine by just using your mail id.

    It is true that now a days we rarely use Fax. But in case of any discrepancy, it becomes inevitable that you’ll be forced to fax details to the companies/services like  for example  paypal, ebay etc. By using these free online fax to services which are mentioned below, you can send fax at any time  regardless where you are. you just need to have an internet connection and you can send fax without searching for a fax machine. This reduces  manual fax hassles and  from your  email inbox,  you can easily Access, search and store fax messages.

    online fax to email services

    Here are the lists of free online fax services:

    1. Superfax

    online fax to email services

    Superfax is an Internet based online fax service by using which  users can  send or receive faxes directly through email. Superfax provides you a phone number, which is mapped to your email id. Whenever, you call that number, it will give a fax tone. When the fax is received, a SMS is sent to you. As a PDF attachment, fax is stored in your mailbox. Receiver can send fax to sender by replying to the email with an attachment.

    Superfax provides free demo plan with some limitations that for 3 days validity, you can receive 10 number of incoming faxes and can send 10 number of outgoing faxes. If you want to go beyond the limitations then you can use their premium services.

    2. FaxZero

    online fax to email services

    FaxZero is one of the widely used service and one of my favourite. FaxZero is completely free but it also has some limitations that You can send maximum 2 free  faxes per day and cant send more than 3 pages per fax. Cover page contains the Ad. Faxzero is limited to US and Canada. The online fax to email services of this website enable you to sen document in .DOC, .DOCX and .PDF file format.  You can also use their premium services for unlimited plans.

    3. eFax

    online fax to email services

    This is another nice service which lets you fax without wasting money on fax machines. Users can archive fax digitally and can send fax to multiple addresses. eFax provides free 30 days trial to send and receive faxes. Users get a local fax number, by using  Online Fax to email services. It is less risky and it doesn’t charge any set up cost.

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