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    3 Awesome Logo Creating Apps for Windows

    Someone has rightly said, first impression is the last impression and such is the case of a logo.

    A logo is the one that makes a first impression to your customers about your brand and if it is best (because good is not enough) then your customers will surely show their interest in your business and will definitely remember you for the later visit.

    Plus, it will help you to build an identity of your business in the market.

    But, creating a logo is really so easy and inexpensive?

    Actually there are some logo creating apps on the internet, that can help you in creating an impressive logo easily.

    We understand not everyone is a graphic designer or can hire a graphic designer especially if you run a small business or you are on a low budget at the start.

    Hence, we have hand-picked some of the best logo creating apps for you that will match your budget and by using them, you can create your own logo according to your choice and needs.

    Let’s look into their union.

    Logo Creating Apps

    3 Awesome Logo Creating Apps for Windows

    1. GraphicSprings

    Logo Creating Apps

    GraphicSpings is a nice web application that provides you a huge collection of professionally designed graphics to choose from.

    You just need to select the one that suits your business best and then customize it as per your specifications and at last, choose an appropriate size and the format of the file to download it. You are done!

    GraphicSprings is not only an easy and fast way to create logos online but it actually gives you excellent results. And yes, you don’t need to download any software on your system. So use it anywhere and anytime.

    2. Sothink Logo Maker

    Logo Creating Apps

    Sothink Logo Maker comes in two versions Sothink Logo Maker ($35.00) and Sothink Logo Maker Pro ($59.99). Both provide a wide range of free professionally made logo elements and attractive templates and both are totally free to try.

    So, test first before deciding to buy. For the quick results, you can select directly free predesigned templates or you can make your own logo by using various built-in tools (brushes, readymade color themes, advanced color themes, and much more). Both provide a rich customization, so that you can re-design the existing templates to fit your needs.

    If you are willing to pay some more bucks, then we recommend you to buy Sothink Logo Maker Pro that provides six more features such as you can put your logo on Tees, business card, etc. , you can create logo for your signature and most importantly you will get your result in just one minute ( while Sothink Logo Maker gives result in 3 minutes).

    3. MyLogoMaker Professional

    Logo Creating Apps

    MyLogoMaker is another great tool that let’s you make creative logos for your business in just few minutes. Like Sothink Logo Maker, it also provides more than 2,100 logo design templates and  9,100 shapes and objects to choose from.

    Advanced tools, free myBusiness Cards Software, Pro Color Palette, easy-to-use, excellent font and text editing, 30+  special visual effects, special effects lug-ins (pixelate, jitter,swirl & warp) and a colossal collection of slogans and taglines, make MyLogoMaker Professional a solid choice.

    If you have any doubt regarding it’s performance, then you can download it’s free trail version.

    This tool is completely affordable that also ensures it’s users to give them 90-day money back guarantee (in case if you are not satisfied or having any issue).

    Try MyLogoMaker Professional and make professional logos in a simple and easy way.


    4. Logogenie

    Logogenie is a simple and professional way to design a logo. Choose from a wide range of logo templates and customize your logo with their logo generator in just a few minutes. 

    Logogenie is a popular online service for creating unique logos in no time. You can choose from over 10,000 logo templates and customize them according to your requirements. Photographers and web designers may find this service useful when they need to create a simple basic logo for websites, social media, and even branded products.

    The main advantage of the program is that all templates are stylish. A user does not need to consider hundreds of basic layouts to find a good one. The program is based on smart algorithms for sorting logos, which will help you the best solution for your needs.

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