Earlier, we have helped you out in selecting best mac apps and best Mac photo editors. This time, we are going to save your precious time that you spend on finding best free mac apps that are really best to use and worth trying. By knowing the fact that finding best free mac apps is really a tedious job, we have listed down top 20 free apps for your mac.

Mac is a well known brand name of Apple Company that runs all the computers of apple. It is one of the best operating system that supports many powerful applications for daily use. Generally the apps of Mac are considered as very costly, but it is not true. There are some best free Mac apps introduced by apple that you can download from their official websites. Here is a list of these free applications that must be in every Mac book. So download them and enjoy:-

best free mac apps

20 Best Free Mac Apps

1. Wunderlist 2

 Best Free Mac Apps

Wunderlist 2 is developed by 6Wunderkinder and by far the most powerful to-do-list app that I have ever used. And, it’s new versions has come up with brand new design plus with lots of tweaks like improved stability, new supercharged Cloud Sync
, smart list, Data security,and much more. It also let’s you to share your lists via e-mail, phone contacts or even Facebook and you can even print your lists. It is definitely in the category of Best Free Mac Apps that you must have.

2.  Instashare

 Best Free Mac Apps

We all know that sharing files between a Mac and an iOS device is not so easy as it should be. But don’t worry as Instashare is there to help you out. Instashare is an open source application that allows to quickly share your files between your mac and iOS device. And you know what, you don’t need to have an internet connection to run this app. You can use local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to transfer the files. Plus, you don’t even need to register yourself first, just download the app and start using it. It’s highlighted feature is it’s easy-to-use interface that let’s you to transfer files by simply dragging and dropping. No need of pairing up or setup transfer.

3. VLC media player

 Best Free Mac Apps

For playing every kind of media files, you need a multitasking player. VLC is one of the powerful players that are capable of running every kind of video file whether it is of old or new format. Along with 3gp and mp4 formats, you can run the latest mkv, flv or blue ray video files very easily through this awesome player. It supports every kind of resolution and pixels quality, all you need to run is a capable hardware configuration. Basically VLC is an open source application, so you may consider it among the best free Mac apps that are in trend.

4. Kindle

 Best Free Mac Apps

You love reading? Then Kindle will be your best pick. This clean app allows you to read your favorite e-book eye-soothing and,easy-to-use interface. Note that, it’s app which is free, you still need to pay for the e-books you purchase. It also offers you some sample books to read so that you decide first before buying them. It also gives you an access to it’s instant dictionary that has more than 250,000 entries and definitions. So, if you don’t know the meaning of any word, just  select that word to know it’s meaning and definition.

5. Skype

 Best Free Mac Apps

Skype is undoubtedly the simplest way to do video-conferencing on your mac so it is among the best free mac apps. Well, it offers more than it’s “Video conferencing”  scenario. You can do a lot of things out of it like sending free messages to your buddies and family, making calls and text messages to cell phones and landlines at very low price, and yes, you can even make video call on Skype and Facebook. It is worth checking it out.

6. TextWrangler

 Best Free Mac Apps

TextWrangler is one of the best free text and code editor that comes up with the support for Retina displays. Along with the basic features like editing, searching, and manipulation of text, it also incudes some excellent features- intelligent UI, grep pattern matching, code folding, AppleScript, Mac OS X Unix scripting support and lot more. It is a must-have for web authors and software developers.

7. Adium

 Best Free Mac Apps

I really like the simplicity that Adium offers without compromising the quality. Adium is a freeware instant messaging app that supports almost all the major Instant Messaging services. You don’t require to use some additional skills to use this application. It possess an easy-to-use interface and we really appreciate that.

8. Quicksilver

 Best Free Mac Apps

When it comes to the best free mac apps, you cannot ignore quicksilver. It allows you to perform your every day task in a much easier and simpler way. It is basically a launcher utility app by using which you can quickly access your stuff and perform various tasks like searching contacts, bookmarks, writing emails etc. in a very less time. This app emphasis more on doing the things not only on searching the things. Initially, you need to put little effort to use it but once you get used to it, you will recognize it’s advantages.

9. Pocket

 Best Free Mac Apps

Pocket is a small nifty app that allows you to keep your stuff with you whether it is a video or web pages or anything that you find interesting on the web. Pocket will automatically sync across to your device for your later as soon as you add your stuff into your pocket. And you know what, you don’t need to have any internet connection for that. So, use your pocket to put your things into it!

10. iDisplay

 Best Free Mac Apps

iDisplay is small neat nifty app that offers you an extra monitor for your mac by turning your iPad or iPhone or iPod touch into a convenient secondary monitor. You can Zoom and Pan your desktop on secondary display by using iDisplay and it also provides single-window mode, control over things from secondary display, decluttering of your desktop and many more things to try. There are some points that you need to keep in your mind before using best free mac apps like iDisplay that it must to be installed on your Mac, and 2. it is manadatory that your iOS device and computer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

11. CrashPlan

 Best Free Mac Apps

CrashPlan allows you to backup your entire device with just a few clicks. It easily backs up your all important data to many different locations like external hard disk, to other computer systems etc. With CrashPlan, you can securely access your file anytime and anywhere. It first encrypts your data before sending to it’s destination. Though it’s free version doesn’t offer online backup service but if you still want to backup your data online then you can purchase their CrashPlan+ subscription or  CrashPlan PRO according to your needs.

12. Bitdefender

 Best Free Mac Apps

There is no doubt that data is a precious asset for anyone who owns it and Bitdefender is a perfect guard to protect your favorite asset. You can use it to scan your entire device or even a specific location to find out all the malware present in your mac. It has an excellent Bitdefender engines that is capable enough to find out Mac malware. It can scan every location including  all running apps and critical locations to provide you full protection from the malware.

13. uTorrent

 Best Free Mac Apps

uTorrent is a famous free BitTorrent client with lots of features. It is among the best free mac apps that are used for downloading form torrents. It let’s you to download your files as fast as you ever have imagined with less resource overhead. Along with the portability mode and remote monitoring, uTorrent takes you to the three-pane interface that gives you tons of features, including support for multiple downloads, bandwidth adjustment, complete detail on seed, pieces, peers and much more.

14. Inky

 Best Free Mac Apps

If you are not satisfied with the Sparrow (for it’s not-so-cheap price) or sparrow Lite (for annoying ads) then you should try Inky. Inky is a next best cloud enabled desktop app that lets you to make email in much easier way. It sorts your emails by checking how much it is useful to you and also lets you to keep all your existing email addresses. Smart view and smart sending, flexible, simple setup, gorgeous design, email filtering, email Syncing, this neat small app possess all.

15. The Unarchiver

 Best Free Mac Apps

The Unarchiver, by Dag Agren, is a small nifty app that allows to unarchive almost all types of archive files, from new formats, such as RAR, 7-zip, Zip, Gzip, Bzip2, to older formats like StuffIt, LZH, ARJ, DiskDoubler and ARC. It’s a best solution for all your of your archived files that you download on a daily basis.

16. NetNewsWire

 Best Free Mac Apps

If you are a RSS reader then NetNewsWire can be your solid choice that let’s you to stay connected with your favorite blogs and websites by giving the news about them. NetNewsWire is free to use but it also comes with ads. If you want to get rid of those apps, you can a license for $14.95.

17. Dropbox

 Best Free Mac Apps

There is no doubt that dropbox is everyone’s choice who knows that maintaining your stuff in sync across devices can sometimes be a task and sometimes even requires more time and strain than actually needed. But with best free mac apps like Dropbox, you can solve your problem. It is a free cloud storage service that offers automatic file syncing online and transversely across multiple computers for providing quick access on the go! It gives you 2GB free storage space but you can easily claim up to 10.25 GB space by referring people to sign in to Dropbox.

18. StreamToMe

 Best Free Mac Apps

StreamToME is a simple app developed Matthew Gallagher that streams your files (video, music and images) over a Wi-fi network or 3G from your Mac. Note that, to run this app you need to download another free ServeToMe program on your mac. It includes video replay, iTunes and iPhoto library integration, SRT, SSA and SUB files along with embedded subtitles, displaying images while playing music and much more things that are more than enough to turn your mac into a movie cum music streaming device.

19. Picasa

 Best Free Mac Apps

Despite the growth of the photo editing apps, Picasa is still the best way to edit, organize, and share your images, especially if you don’t need to pay a single penny for that. This kind of  Best Free Mac Apps can be used as standalone photo editing program that mot only manages your images but also syncs up to your Google account to provide you an online photo editing and sharing site,”Picasa Web Albums” , for unlimited backup and usage.

20. Notational Velocity

 Best Free Mac Apps

Notational Velocity is a neat and clean that may not offer thousands of features (that may not be even required) but whatever it does, it does nicely. It is simply stores and fetches your notes. I like it because, it concentrates mainly on what it is offering. It provides searching as a primary interface, compresses and encrypts your data before loading into disk,  sync your notes across  Dropbox or simplenote, only keyboard interaction and no manual saving. that is why it comes in the category of  Best Free Mac Apps currently available on internet.


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