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    15 of the Best Reverse Image Search Engines Today

    By reverse image search it means that whenever you upload an image or paste a link to that image, certain similar images are reflected in your search results.

    Although not many people are aware of this facility by search engines, but reverse image search has been making waves.

    The conventional keyword input search technique is still widely practiced for images.

    With the right amount of publicity, people can be enticed towards using reverse image search engines.

    Often times we come across an image of a car, location or a product and we wish to learn more about it such as its owner details like Assignment writing at assignmenthelpdeal.co.uk but we don’t know keywords to input.

    With the ease reverse image search engines offer, we have compiled a list of 15 such engines.

    1. Google Images

    The website needs no introduction as it was launched some 15 years back. It has some of the world’s largest collection of images.

    2011, was the year they began their reverse image search feature and this is no. 1 on our list of reverse image search engines.

    As discussed previously, you can simply upload an image or paste a URL and a plethora of related images pop up.

    The images are free to use, meaning no licensed stuff. Also, there is no limit to any file size or type.

    Plus they have a highly indexed image bank and so the probability of finding the desired image is extremely likely.

    However, Google images mobile does not entail a reverse image search feature.

    2. TinEye

    A product of Idee Inc. Toronto, it is one of the most extensively used reverse image search engines.

    In fact, TinEye is the first website to have utilized the image identification technology.

    Similar to Google images, you either upload an image or paste its link and TinEye will bring you all the relevant images.

    All file types are supported; JPEG, PNG, and GIF, in addition to facilitation of sizes of up to 20 MB.

    It is also useful in tracking copyright protected images and accounts for any stolen images.

    A browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari are also available. It even supports MultiColor Engine whereby you search images via color.

    3. Bing Visual Search

    Microsoft’s very own Bing Image Match is a reverse image search tool.

    Upload an image or copy and paste the link and voila!

    You have all the matching image results at your disposal.

    But this has been known for not so satisfying results as compared to Google Image and TinEye.

    As of May 2016, it Bing Image Match has found its way on iOS app.

    Take a photo with the app and with it will bring you similar images right to your handheld device.

    Although effective, the app is limited to only a certain number of countries.

    4. Yandex

    All the way from Russia, it is the largest reverse image search engine of the Russian Federation.

    The mechanism is the same, you upload a photo or paste a URL and it will bring you results.

    You can filter images by sizes plus the search engine helps you locate duplicate photos. Totally free too!

    If you are a user of Yandex browser, even better, just right-click on the image and select ‘search for this image on Yandex’. And it’s done.

    5. Karma Decay

    Exclusively for Reddit, a very handy tool at that as it will prevent you from re-posting the same photo to Reddit.

    Reddit users do not prefer any re-posts just original content.

    Hence, this tool has gained popularity among Redditors. So you can search across Reddit with this tool and also among subreddits.

    6. Pinterest Visual Search Tool

    An advanced reverse image search tool, Pinterest Visual Search allows you to visually search for images that are alike to pins therein.

    This tool goes to the length of even bringing you results of the zoomed aspect of any image (Pin) and not just the whole photo, straightaway. Account creation is essential here.

    7. Image Identify by Wolfram

    This one is not exactly your typical reverse image search engine but an image identification tool.

    It’s basically an AI which tries to interpret human intelligence in identifying images by merely viewing them.

    Launched in May 2015, the tool relatively new and is expected to improve over time as it continues to learn from its users.

    8. Image Raider

    Image Raider has made our list of top reverse image search engines for two reasons.

    First, it just doesn’t let you upload a single image but a more than one; up to 20 images at one time.

    Hence, you can run a reverse multi-image search with Image Raider.

    Secondly, not only you can upload or paste the link to the image but also add an image from XML sitemap, add URL of a page for it to fetch all related images and consider it as input for further refining the search.

    Moreover, you can add images directly from Flickr, DevianArt or 500px accounts.

    9. Baidu

    This one’s from China. And a giant in the Chinese reverse image search engines landscape.

    The search engine is by default in the Chinese language (no surprise there), so the user will have to convert it into his preferred language.

    You can search for an image similar to its counterparts above but will have to switch language every time you visit its page.

    This can be a turn off for users but other than it’s a fairly OK tool.

    10. Search by Image (Chrome Extension)

    As the name implies this is a Chrome browser extension.

    It will generate relevant image results once you have uploaded an image of your choice.

    This plugin can be quickly accessed from the browser with its tiny camera icon appearing at the bottom of each page.

    By clicking, you gain access to the results from the plugin.

    11. IQDB

    Another reverse image platform since you can use it to search for the ownership details of the image.

    Also, of course, related images.

    The capping on image size is 8 MB which is comparatively excellent to those platforms offering a size between 2-4 MB.

    All file types such as JPEG, PNG and GIF are supported.

    IQDB has a user-friendly interface with lightning speed and accurate image results delivery.

    12. RevIMG

    An old reverse image search engine but you can use it to search images via colors, dimensions, shapes and other aspects. Upload image, select category and search.

    13. Pictriev

    You can upload an image or paste a URL of the image, same as every other search engine.

    However, it only supports file size of no greater than 200 KB.

    14. Google Goggles (Android app)

    An app built for Android which lets you find images by the input of image as opposed to the keyword.

    What makes it a worthwhile experience?

    Its simple interface, incredible service, first-class results, and smart algorithm at play for searching.

    15. Veracity (iPhone app)

    Not many reverse image search engines apps are available on iPhone but Veracity is one such app.

    Known for its ease-of-use and delivery of reasonable search results, it lets you grab images from camera roll, your photo library, and Dropbox account.

    Tap on your image of choice and it will show you matching images.

    Above are 15 of the best reverse image search engines you’ll come across on the Worldwide Web.

    Jessica Barden
    Jessica Bardenhttps://plus.google.com/u/1/+JessicaBarden
    Jessica Barden works as a marketing strategist for the UK firm. She mentors the company regarding different facets of online marketing.

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