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    15 Best Home Launchers for your Android Phones

    It’s true that Android never let’s it’s users to feel boredom. It always keep offering you  awesome apps, whether it’s games, apps that stays you fit or even those that improves your financial life etc. Android provides you all to make your experience best but what I like most about Android is it’s customization that it offers to it’s users. Just imagine, with a single click you are not only allowed to transfer all your favorite widgets on the home screen but you can also change or customize the whole interface to give your personal touch. You can do this by using Home Launchers or Feature-Replacement Applications.

    I guess, everyone is familiar with Home Launchers available on internet. If not, then not an issue just think of a Home launcher as the user interface that helps you to interact with your Android device in a way which you like the most. Every Home launcher has it’s own animations, widgets and icons and hence has it’s own beauty. And, the best part about these Android home launcher is that you don’t need to do extra effort to use them. Just install them and start customizing!


    Though, there are a lot of Android Home launchers present at Google Play but to make things easier for you, we have filtered out all the options to get the best collection of Android home launchers that are capable enough to give you an excellent user interface.  So, don’t hesitate to grab anyone that catches your eye.

    home launchers

    15 Best Home Launchers for your Android Phones

    1. Nova Launcher

    home launchershome launchersnova1
    Highly flexible, highly customizable app drawer, desktop and app scrolling, unlimited wallpapers, desktop and app scrolling and highly versatile are the requirements of home launchers and this has all of them. The highlighted feature of Nova Launcher is that it  backup and restore your settings, so in case if you want to change the ROM or reset your device, you need not to get worried. Note that, it works only with Ice Cream Sandwich devices. If you are willing to pay $4,  then Nova Launcher Prime will be a good option for you. Nova Launcher Prime unlocks many features in Nova Launcher like hiding those apps which you have never used or rarely use without uninstalling them. Not only this, it offers infinite custom tabs, more scroll effects and gesture features. This nifty little Nova Launcher Prime have a plethora of features for the buck.

    Price: Free

    Requires: Android 4.0 and later versions

    2. ADWLauncher EX

    home launchersadwadwww

    This is one of the most popular Android home launchers and offers unlimited features. This  highly customizable home launcher offers thousands of themes and skins, supports main dock customizations, configurable actionbar, visual desktop indicator, custom colors, switchable animations and a lot more. It possess everything that can impress everyone from beginners to the advanced users and this is the reason that it is installed by millions of users across the globe.

    Price: $4

    Requires: Android versions from 1.6 to 4.1

    3. Apex Launcher

    home launchersapexxxapexx

    And yet another very popular and powerful custom Android launcher that offers you about  9 home screens,multiple drawer styles, scrollable shortcut dock, lots of fancy transition and scroll effects. But it is also in the same roundup that works with only Android 4.0 device. It’s paid version, Apex Launcher Pro will serve more features like dock swipe gestures, ADW, LauncherPro, and Go Launcher theme support, two finger gestures and many more.

    Price: Free

    Requires: Android 4.0 and later versions

    4. GO Launcher EX

    home launchersgolaunchrgolaucnher

    Go Launcher EX is really a worthy replacement for your stock home screen. It is famous for it’s creativity and the degree of customization it offers. It not only gives you a buttery smooth flipping experience but also offers you a user-defined folder, so that you can easily categorize your apps. A large number of widgets,  lock screens and many other customizing options, this kind of Android Home launchers offers you all. It saves your phone’s memory by allowing you to shut down any running tasks on the fly inside the application. It also provides the support for themes. So, you are free to download thousands of themes and icon packs to customize Go Launcher EX.

    Price: Free

    Requires: Android  phones running 2.0 or higher

    5. Launcher Pro

    home launcherslaunchrpro3

    Launcher Pro is a simple but still one of the very popular home launchers out there that offers you live home screen previews, customizable layouts and some extra space too by allowing you to scroll the shortcut dock from side to side that lie on the bottom of home screens. This is not awesome? Though, the developers are not constantly updating the launcher but people are still grabbing it because of it’s simplicity, faster access to the shortcuts and the support for replacement icon packs. And yes, it is free too.

    Price: Free

    Requires: Android  2.0 or higher versions

    6. Holo Launcher

    home launchersholo1holo3

    If you are looking for a good and powerful home launcher then Holo Launcher will be a good pick. Something cool about it is that you can edit almost each and every single thing. Holo Launcher can run on Froyo, Gingerbread, ICS and Jelly Bean, unlike Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher and this is the main reason that I am including it in this list. With it you can customize shortcut or any folder icons, apply icon packs and backup and restore your settings should you need to reset your device, so that configuration wouldn’t change. It also supports Launcherpro icon pack and ADW icon pack and provides you infinite scrolling. If you want more features in home launchers, then can buy it’s paid version Holo Launcher Plus ($4) that unlocks unread count notifications for SMS, call,  K-9 mail and Gmail and also offers you dock icon Swipe up/down gesture, more transition effects, more desktop gestures and a lot more features. In short, it will do a full justice to the money you paid.

    Price: Free

    Requires: Android 2.2 and up

    7. Regina 3D Launcher

    home launchershome launchersregina2

    As the name suggests, Regina 3D offers you to experience the 3D effects but for this you must have a nice  graphics chip and a capable processor to enjoy it’s awesome features. For using it properly, it is necessary for you to know all the facts about it like you can’t  see Regina Launcher until you dismiss your previous default launcher in application setting menu. Moreover, live wallpaper is also not supported. But, it is still famous for the privacy it offers. You are completely allowed to to hide all those widgets and app shortcuts, which you don’t want to share it with anyone, by simply putting them in secret workspace. You can also set separate wallpaper for each workspace and create also live folders in folders. That’s it? No, because this neat little app has more to serve. The best thing is that it uninstall apps directly from the work space and has come up with full 3D Regina widgets. It is an excellent home launcher to have.

    Price: Free

    Requires: Android 2.1 and up

    8. TSF shell Pro 3D

    tsfhome launcherstsff

    Yes, another 3D launcher that will take you to the higher level of customization. TSF shell Pro 3D is very powerful and highly versatile Android launcher that also comes up with a high price tag. It allows you to create  multiple app shortcuts so smoothly and faster and you can also drag them to any page at once. It possess a powerful theme function and a side column  to provide an  exclusive access to almost all of the TSF Shell’s widgets, contacts, folders and all  other stuff. The best thing which I really like about TSF shell and impressed me a lot is that it gives a shape to our imagination. Just think, you are free to customize all the designs and arrangements according to your imagination. I mean, hello? What other Android home launchers does that? It also allows you to perform multiple operations like multi-item selection, adding to folder, and multi-deleting and you know what, you can do all these operations by only one finger gesture! Even having the hefty price tag, it is still so popular because of it’s terrific performance.

    Price: $16.80

    Requires: Android 2.1 and up

    9. SPB Shell 3D

    home launchers

    I guess, name is enough to give you an idea what this launcher is all about. Yes, SPB Shell 3D is again a 3D Android launcher that will give you a smooth transition along with the 3D effects.  It is really one of the very beautiful home launchers that also has 3D widgets as well. It also offers smart folders. Yes, it has very pretty interface but developers need to do work on the customization as the launcher hardly allows you to customize anything. You are supposed to pay $14.99 for it’s looks.

    Price: $14.99

    Requires: Android 2.1 and up

    10. Lightning Launcher

    home launcherslightning2lightning3

    Lightning Launcher Home is a very nice and an efficient custom Android launcher. I personally tried it to experience it’s features and frankly speaking it served me more than I expected. Some of it’s features impressed me a lot and forced me to write about it. It’s highlighted feature is that it uses less RAM than any other launcher. Plus, you are free to place items everywhere on the workspace, everywhere means everywhere, even on the pages above and below (including left and right sides). More space, smooth and fast navigation, unlimited pages, are the key features of this kind of home launchers. What more I can say, just grab it and enjoy!

    Price: Free

    Requires: Android 1.6 and higher

    11. Windows Phone 7 Launcher

    home launcherswindww

    If you want to experience the feel of Windows Phone 7 on your Android device then Windows Phone 7 Launcher will definitely be a good choice. As soon as you install it on your device, it will create a rotating contacts tile by adding default contacts application, a missing call tile by adding default dialing application and a wide photo tile by adding default gallery. For beginners, video tutorial is available to get started with. It is a nice launcher to have.

    Price: Free

    Requires: Android 2.2 and higher

    12. Crazy Home

    home launcherscrazy2crazyy1

    Here we have Crazy Home launchers that will make you crazy with the features it offers. With the Crazy Home, you can change the app titles, hide apps from your app drawer, hide or unhide top notification bar according to your convenience and can also backup or restore your settings. It supports live wallpaper unlike Regina 3D and also supports aHome, ADW, and 3rd party Open Home themes. Crazy Home comes up with crazy Clock skins, app dock, analog crazy clock and more. But paying $3.99 for something you can easily get for free is crazy too.

    Price: $3.99

    Requires: Android 2.1 and higher

    13. MXHome Launcher

    home launchers

    MXHome Launcher is a simple launcher that will give you a 3D effects on its theme page. I guess, everyone is following this 3D trend. It is good in it’s graphics and sound effects. It is quite interesting that whenever you shake your phone petals will fall down. It provides you a control tray, shortcuts for 8 major apps, background effect of 3D water bubble and more. At anytime, you can see the memory usage. Try it and feel the difference.

    Price: Free

    Requires: Android 2.1 and higher

    14. Perfect Launcher

    home launchers



    Perfect Launcher is a lightweight and a great Android launcher especially for those who own an older Android device. It consumes very less memory and hence giving you more space for other apps. It is really a decent home launcher and I like it because whatever it does, it does flawlessly. Though, it may not have a big name but still it offers you all those features which you expect from the other “big name” home launchers. For the quicker access, you can also place infinite apps at the bottom of the screen through the scrolling launch bar at the bottom. Yes, it is not as good with the themes but it is a nice launcher to have.

    Price: Free

    Requires: Android 2.2  and higher

    15. Espier Launcherhome launchers


    Now, it is turn for something completely different. Espier Launcher brings the OS-style UI to your Android device, along with its awesome design and simplicity. The cool thing is that you will design the appearance of icons by yourself according to your flavor. Moreover, you can add beauty to your home screen by using the themes available. There are a lot of plugins available to extend the functionalities. It also has a widget page to show Android widgets.

    Price: Free

    Requires: Android 2.1 and higher

    So, these are the top 15 Home Launchers for Android and if somehow I missed any other great Android Home launcher then feel free to share it with us through comments.

    Studied Computer science at Kuk Ngo and graduated in 2012.

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