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    11 Effective Tips to Improve Your Business Website Design

    Have you developed your business website?

    What fonts, colors or images have you used in your site?

    Are you sure everything is so perfect to bring high sales to your business?

    If you don’t want your visitors to come and leave the landing page immediately after they come to it and you really want them to buy something you are trying to sell, here are some effective tips to follow which will make sure that your site can prove to be a high conversion site.

    1: Professional Logo

    The Logo is one of the most important branding tools of any business and it must be located on your website at a prominent place which can be the upper left side of all pages of your site. Give special focus on the making of your logo and make sure to have an image with high resolution rather than using something with lower quality.

    Experts also advise to link the logo with home page to make sure visitors hassle free navigation to the site structure.

    2: Intuitive Navigation

    Typically, the main navigation options are found in horizontal menu at top portion of the website while the secondary options are found under the main bar or some web developers also prefer to put it as a sidebar in the left side of the site. You might be wondering why intuitive navigation is really an important step in the development. Well, creating some kind of confused navigation layouts may cause visitors to leave the site rather than navigating to other pages within your site.

    Moreover, it is also important that the links to more important pages should be placed on the home page or other important landing pages rather than navigating visitors to less important information as this will minimize the impact of “Call to an Action”.

    3: Avoid Confusing Visitors

    These days, it has become very easy to overwhelm the website with lots of visual images that make brains stop accepting information because of lots of options to move from one to the other pages. If you really want to keep the visitors on your website and want them to act upon your call to action, you must make sure not to have too many competing calls or some kind of visual clutter such as animated gifs, photographs or graphics which often divert the attention of the visitors from the most important message.

    4: Focus on Important Content

    When you are putting text and images in the site, make sure to create space between both important features as this will allow the users to absorb important features of the site and the chances of sales will be greatly increased.

    Keep complete control over the white space of the site as this will convince the users to focus on the most important content rather than getting confused. Many web owners don’t understand how to bring the focus of users to the most important information and if you are one of them, don’t ignore to learn this important aspect.

    5: Strategic Use of Colors

    To project your website as a modern, clean and elegant one, you must use a neutral color palette. For key graphics and headlines, use small fragment of colors as this will be helpful to move audience attention towards valued content on your site.

    It is also important to utilize the range of colors which complements with your logo and all other marketing stuff. The color has real value and it can be used as an effective attention grabbing tool but when you are doing this, don’t forget to maintain the elegant look of your business website.

    6: Choosing Right Fonts

    When you are choosing the fonts, make sure to choose the ones which can be easily read across all browsers and devices. Users will not just use the site on PCs but they might also open it on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone and therefore, it is really important to choose the fonts which can be seen and read easily on all types of devices.

    Some fonts with large scales normally look great on a computer monitor but they might also lose their feel and look on a mobile phone. Therefore, the best option is to choose universal fonts which are equally useful and readable on all devices. In case of using web fonts, make sure to avoid using more than 2 of the font families as this will reduce loading time.

    7: Submission Button

    At bottom area of the site form, you will see “Send” or “Submit” button which can be best or the worst part of the site as in most of the cases, designers don’t give any importance in developing an appealing and attractive button which can’t make the visitors click and therefore, designers are advised to create high quality and impressive buttons that can compel the visitors to click on them. Moreover, it is also good to use font treatment or color changers to work when a visitor comes and hovers over the button.

    8: Professional Photography

    It is also recommended by the visitors to invest a good amount of money in professional photography as generic photos have real attraction for the visitors leaving a great impression about your company on visitors. If your site does not have a generic look, don’t be afraid of investing some money in professional photography or as an alternative option, you can also look for the stock photos which are easily available on the internet for sale. However, you must never use irrelevant photos to the original content of your site.

    9: Landing Pages

    Most of the website owners think that giving a lot of focus on the home page is really important while the other pages are not necessarily as important as the home page. However, this idea does not work because most visitors of a site come through internal landing pages rather than directly coming thought the homepage and therefore, it is really important that each page should be designed as a landing page or else you will lose a big flow of audience who will come to the site but will not stay longer.

    10: Flash or Other Options

    The importance of Flash seems to be reducing slowly as the availability of the other options has attracted the users to try rather than using only Flash. For example, HTML5 has gained higher support from the users because of its SEO friendly text and the capability to function more effectively on variety of mobile operating versions which don’t require any kind of plug-ins. In fact, flash is not as popular as it used to be in the past.

    11: Responsive Design

    Instead of designing a different site for different devices such as PCs, laptop, tablets or mobile, you better create a responsive design which automatically adapts the view of site. A responsive site can be adjusted as per the size of browser making it a greater experience for the users. It also makes sure to increase the time spent by the users on the site which is automatically resulted into better conversion rates.

    Final Words

    If you want visitors stay on your site for long and respond to your calls for action, you must try to improve the overall look of your site and by following above mentioned tips, you can easily achieve your marketing goals and objectives.

    About the Author

    Ellen Charles
    Ellen Charles


    Ellen Charles is technology writer and a contributor to various major informative sources for    the readers throughout the world. She is also working with a writing firm named Dissertation  Help Love which aims to help business organizations to create greater interaction with  their partners, employees and customers.

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    Robert Malcolm
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