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    10 Twitter Tools used by Social Media

    Get The Most Out Of Your Social Media Strategy with these 10 Twitter Tools Used By Social Media Experts

    There are so many Twitter apps out there that it can become difficult to decide which ones to use for managing your account. Fortunately,this list can help you make the right decision. Take a quick look at the top Twitter apps used by the cream of the digital market:

    1. Bit.ly

    Bit.ly is a lot more than just a URL shortening tool. A Bit.ly account will give you access to a complete dashboard through which you can not only share links simultaneously to multiple Twitter accounts but you can also view stats for the links that you share.

    2. HootSuite

    This tool does not only allow you to manage multiple accounts but also helps you to integrate other social accounts with your Twitter. You can also use it to schedule your tweets and messages.

    3. Klout

    Klout is yet another useful tool for twitter users. If you know nothing about creating or managing your Twitter accounts, then this would prove to be a great tool for you. It helps to provide measurement of online influence for your convenience. It also comes with a score card with ratings from 1 to 100 which helps to improve the overall networking score.

    4. Tweriod

    This tool allows you to analyze the content of others Twitter accounts and helps you figure out which content is most effective. Tweriod will also help you plan out when to share what kind of content to share.

    5. Paper.li

    Through paper.li, you can collect either your own or others’ tweets and organize them automatically or manually into a newspaper which you can share daily. This will help you create a unique form of content for your Twitter account.

    6. SocialOomph 

    With the help of SocialOomph, you cannot only track your tweets but also take advantage of extra features such as tweeting via email, automatically updating your Facebook status or managing the spam.

    7. Buffer

    You can use Buffer to spread out your tweets over the course of the day so that your readers are not flooded with content during a particular time of day and not hear from you after that point. A robust analytics system helps you figure out the tweets your audience loves and those that they do not, and it gives you statistics regarding the best time of day to tweet. Buffer also helps you with the content that would work best at that particular time.

    8. TweetDeck

    This tool is similar to HootSuite as it allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously. The interface is much more user-friendly than that of HootSuite, but the only drawback is that it is a desktop application rather than a web-based one. This means that every time you change your computer, you have to install it all over again.

    9. CoTweet

    This is a great tool for corporations to view and track conversations about their brand. It allows them to view statistics about hashtags, enable them to track that are following them and what are they saying about you.

    10. Twitterfeed

    Through Twitterfeed, you can automatically publish the content of your and others’ RSS feeds on your Twitter account, making it a great way to curate and share content automatically. Regardless of which tool you use, remember that if you do not have quality content to post, then the tool will be useless. You can only attract a following by giving your followers content that will interest them and will give them a reason to keep coming back to you.

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