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    10 Productivity Tools To Better Work From Home

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    In the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic that wrecked the world, we have switched gears from our traditional ‘go to work culture’ to alternative means of getting our work done without congregating in public. We have developed a Digitized workspace, where workers, irrespective of their physical distance, can gather virtually and keep their organizations afloat. As remote work culture gradually takes root, various productivity tools have sprung up to support the virtual reality we have built. These applications are programmed to reproduce real work functions. Now, they are more efficient in the delivery. 

    In this article, we discuss ten productivity tools that can enhance your work from the comfort of your home.

    1. Asana

    Developers describe it as “a tool that simplifies team-based work management” in a glowing tribute. Asana is an application developed for “The Team”. It boosts team efforts by fostering teamwork that helps the team develop, manage, and track functions. Regardless of the severity of a task, Asana organizes it into understandable parts while keeping every team member up to speed with their positions and other contributions in getting their job done. Team members can tag and assign respective tasks, set priority targets, and create plans to move the team forward.

    Furthermore, this tool allows teammates to create a shared space to customize project views that meet their standards and work from anywhere in the world. The tool is available for web users, Android, Windows OS, Mac OS, and Linux. 

    2. Slack

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    Teamwork is bound to overlap in some instances. It is an unfortunate reality in the workplace to yield shocking results for the growth of the team. Therefore, an astute manager will seek out means to resolve the issues of teamwork. Slack is an application that corrects the deficiency of teamwork and improves productivity from home

    It keeps everyone in perfect touch with documents, tasks, discussions, and decisions from co-workers. Slack has a fantastic design that ensures that conversations are organized so that information flows to the right person at the right time. Furthermore, Slack feeds you with the latest messages, locate files, and keeps you in sync with your team, regardless of how distant you are from work. 

    3. Timenotes

    Timenotes is a powerful time tracking application for all platforms. It features a unique management tool, timely reminders, tracking time entries, and synchronization. One gain of using timenotes is the simple time tracker that allows you to edit previous information. Furthermore, you can monitor your team’s progress: generate data on each workers’ performance and reports. 

    Timenotes is compatible with your web, iOS, and Android platforms, respectively. Finally, Timenotes can also function as a mobile app that organizes your daily activity outside work. You can easily manage your everyday life, calendar, and other activities, with high precision. To know more about this app, check the Timenotes website. 

    4. Zoom

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    Zoom is the leading cloud-based communication productivity tool in the market that allows you to set up a virtual meeting experience. It provides a platform for flawless video conferences, meetings, or events. It is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. Zoom features meetings, screen sharing, record meetings, and browser extension. It has a simple interface that users can understand without intense training. 

    With Zoom, workers can now assemble in one virtual space to host global meetings, activities, and group meetings, regardless of their location anywhere in the world. Furthermore, Zoom runs various packages depending on the preferences of the user. The basic version has the capacity to take 100 persons for 45 minutes session. Zoom has other digitized solutions, including Zoom room, webinar, business IM, and voice sharing. Other productivity tools help improve video conferencing like bigbluebotton, jitsi, etc. 

    5. Google Docs

    Google Docs is a collaboration app where you can create and edit documents with other team members without necessarily being together in the same room. Multiple users can simultaneously open, edit, see each editor’s changes, and share documents. Users can be identified with a history that reminds them of the last revision. Furthermore, editors can show their position on the slide by adding a color specific to that particular editor. 

    Changes are automatically saved on Google servers, where they are safe. It supports a wide variety of file formats like DOCX, XLSX, etc. Recent upgrades have included newer features like the find and replace tool, an extension of Google Chrome, and Store and edit synchronized files. 

    6. Basecamp

    Basecamp is a choice app among managers, freelancers, business owners, and teams due to its flawless functionality. It has a simple UI, impressive designs, and project management solutions that help business owners with diverse project management options. On its platform, users can share ideas, organize collaborative conversations, and keep everyone on-board with the latest information and ideas. 

    When enhancing teamwork, Basecamp breaks work down into a particular project that contains every relevant information about workers and people involved. Furthermore, Basecamp team members can quickly come to terms with happenings, as the app includes message boards, check-in questions, and group chat that keeps everyone In the loop. Teams that use Basecamp in their daily operations are sure to see their productivity skyrocket. 

    7. Todoist

    Todoist is an application designed with ease for its user in mind. It is a powerful application that helps you take care of your projects regardless of their order of importance. Todoist has a friendly UI that makes it tenable to use. You can easily organize your project with Todoist’s easy-to-understand layout. Team members can enjoy a natural language input and impressive collaborative features that make the team effort seamless. 

    Furthermore, Todoist has an impressive to-do list function that organizes tasks and manages productivity. Team members can seamlessly divide their tasks into projects, upload files, and set reminders on files. 

    8. Proofhub

    Proofhub is online productivity software that helps a team manage and organize its projects. It doesn’t just end with organizing projects but also helps managers with all the necessary tools they need for management. 

    Built for simplicity, Proofhub helps you easily track projects and keep other team members in the loop with their project development. Finally, Proofhub is an excellent application for remote management, online proofing, and relevant discussions that usher in team spirit and help small teams progress.

    9. Google Drive

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    Working remotely means having large storage at your disposal. Google Drive is a perfect application for remote working and cloud data storage. It keeps files stored in a secured centralized vault. Furthermore, with Google Drive, you can easily share documents, slide presentations, and spreadsheets. 

    Time management is important to remote work, as it gives you a track of how you spend time. It brings accountability to remote working by providing a clear record of how individuals spent their time. 

    Regardless of your location, Google Drive offers you remote access that keeps you in sync with work progress, allowing your contribution to teamwork anytime, anywhere. Google Drive is available on mobile and desktop devices. 

    10. Time Doctor

    Furthermore, Time Doctor also has an alerting feature that keeps you in-check with work progress. It constantly reminds you about what you have to do, thereby increasing your efficiency. For managers who seek to track their time, Time Doctor is a viable tool that keeps them in touch with how they productively spend their time. 

    Final words

    Remote work has changed our business landscape forever. We thought we could only carry out work by physical gathering. However, various productivity tools function flawlessly regardless of our location. They range from time tracking applications to team collaboration applications and task distribution. In this article, we have exhaustively listed ten productivity tools that can improve your work efficiency, even when you work from the comfort of your home.

    Lori Wade
    Lori Wade
    Lori Wade is a journalist from Louisville. She is a content writer who has experience in small editions, Lori is now engaged in news and conceptual articles on the topic of business. If you are interested in an entrepreneur or lifestyle, you can find her on Twitter & LinkedIn. She has good experience and knowledge in the field.  

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