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    10+ Best Plugins to Make Your Website Boost Its Performance

    Plugins help enhance the functionality of your website or blog. Web development training can allow you to learn how to make use of plugins to develop a website. Having plugins integrated in a website is part of web development. The developers should know how to do it properly so that the coding does not conflict with other features of the site. Plugins are tools that you can use to enhance the performance of a website. While there are many plugins available, you need to know that some may bring issues with the website. For example, some plugins you integrate in your site may slow it down. However, there are plugins which you can use to speed up the performance of a site. Some of these plugins include the following.


    EWWW Image Optimizer
    EWWW Image Optimizer allows your website not to be overwhelmed by the load capacity introduced by images. It will automatically reduce the image file size and use tools that optimize the images. Even if the images are in smaller file sizes, they will appear the same.

    In case you use a WordPress site, every time you update your post, a revision is stored in MySQL. Doing many revisions on posts will definitely bring more load and may make the site to start loading slowly. You can use the WP-Optimize, as it will do away with the mess of storing revisions of posts or even remove the comments that you have marked as spam. It also removes ping backs or trackbacks and clears out post trash.

    Google Libraries
    A website that uses JavaScript libraries and other components like jQuery means that the users will have to download the scripts every time they load up a website especially for the first time. Google Libraries is a plugin that will allow you to make use of hosted versions of jQuery as well as some other scripts. These are hosted in AJAX Libraries API. This can take the load off in a server thereby improving the site’s loading time.

    WP Super Cache
    In a website, when a person visits it, the browser they use load many items such as CSS files and logos. It takes time for these to load. However, WP Super Cache allows the browser to remember items it first loaded when accessing your site and does not have to load them again.

    BJ Lazy Load
    The BJ Lazy Load plugin allows your site to better handle images. It adds a jQuery code that makes the images to only be loaded when a certain page of a site is being scrolled. The images are not loaded immediately you open a page until you scroll in a part of the page. This improves performance of a site.

    This plugin helps in taking care of big sized images, which you upload. It resizes the images and makes them to weigh less. It does this without affecting the quality of images.

    WP-DB Manager
    In a website, databases such as tables are important. However, they may affect the performance of the site. The WP-DB Manager improves tables for example, by dropping empty tables, which may add extra load.

    CloudFlare WordPress Plugin
    CloudFlare plugin allows your site to take advantage of the Cloudflare optimization service. It can report spam information to Cloudflare meaning that you have protection. It also make sure the server database runs optimally.

    Async Social Sharing
    The Async Social Sharing loads third party scripts in an asynchronous manner. It improves the performance of a site after a page loads. The social sharing scripts you have in your website are loaded after the site has loaded so that they don’t slow it down. These include Twitter, Facebook, Hackers News, and Google+ scripts.

    GTmetrix Plugin
    GTmetrix Plugin designed for WordPress themes helps in analyzing the performance of a site. It introduces a dashboard widget allowing you to see the speed of the site on search engines. It shows the load time, number of requests, page size, and other components vital for you to see the performance of a site.

    P3 plugin
    A plugin that helps scan your site’s installation and the impact other plugins have on the performance of the site. In case you have slowdowns on a site, you may want to use this plugin to find out what is causing the issue.

    While these plugins may help you advance your website’s performance, using them requires a great deal of understanding about web development and coding. That’s why it would be crucial to consider taking a web development training to familiarize yourself with the way plugins are integrated to your website.


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