Due to the increasing demand of connectivity, various online applications are developing with powerful features. Teamviewer avails you to share the whole information that is present on your partner’s system within a second. This software generally use to connect two people through the computer like you can gain the access to files, different folders from the other one’s computer by just exchanging pin codes. Currently, there are many alternatives of teamviewer for windows & Mac operating system on internet.

Although, teamviewer is a good choice but what if it will stop working due to any reason and you need to share or receive an important application urgently? For that many of its alternatives has been made so that the work will goes on as it is going on without any pause. These alternatives of teamviewer for windows & Mac provide the better way to control computers through the internet. Also you will gain access the required information from the remote computer.alternatives of teamviewer for windows & Mac

10 Best Alternatives of Teamviewer for Windows & Mac

  1. LogMeIn Pro

alternatives of teamviewer for windows & Mac

This amazing application enables the user to access and manage computer’s data remotely. Also it is according to its tagline as it provides the full access to the remote computer and watching HD videos with those sound effects, printing, file transferring and many more. You can also print remote documents with the help of a local printer available nearby.

  1. AternativeTo

alternatives of teamviewer for windows & Mac
Connecting you from your office or home to any other remote location and sharing all files, applications and many more information. This application is created by Microsoft Corporation, so you can rely upon the quality of services as best alternatives of team viewer for windows and mac.

  1. UltraVNC

    alternatives of teamviewer for windows & Mac
    By making the use of mouse and keyboard, this software can control the other device on a remote basis. This able you to see the screen of the other person on your own screen as you are sitting in the front of the other person’s computer.

  2. AMMYY Admin

    alternatives of teamviewer for windows & Mac
    It is a very simple and friendly software for the accessing of remote computer. In this you can take tuitions, any guidance to your employee, remote assistance etc.

  3.  Splashtop

alternatives of teamviewer for windows & Mac

The splashtop is a very useful application which provides full remote access for an individual or team. So you may consider it as a great business tool to communicate with colleagues while travelling somewhere else. Also you will get professional help support in case of any emergency.

  1. Radmin 3 Control Software

    alternatives of teamviewer for windows & Mac

    Radmin means Remote Administrator, a suitable, perfectly secured award winning tool for the connection and remote accessing which feels you like you are working in the real computer.

  2. ISL Light

alternatives of teamviewer for windows & Mac
This is a highly secured, simple, and reachable to anyone’s pocket with good speed of connecting in only 30 seconds. It gives the highly proficient working environment to the users. You can use this kind of alternatives of teamviewer for windows & Mac for controlling every activity of computer system remotely.

  1. Tight VNC

alternatives of teamviewer for windows & Mac

Tight VNC compatible to standard VNC, it is a free remote software with which you can easily see the screen of another person and solve many of his/her problems without going to him/her.

  1. Real VNC

alternatives of teamviewer for windows & Mac

Real VNC is a free remote control package from which connecting to different people becomes very simple and easy on a professional base. It is becoming easy as it displays the screen of another person.

  1. WebEX free

alternatives of teamviewer for windows & Mac

This teamviewer alternative provides a variety of services in the form of meeting centres, event centres and training centres. Along with exchanging the data, you will also be able to do video conferencing with an individual or group of people. So you may consider it as among ultimate alternatives of teamviewer for windows and mac.



  1. I want to admit Ammyy Admin also. One can quickly connect to remote computers even in case if they don’t have real IP. Soft is transparent for all Firewalls. There is no need to install it or make additional adjustments to ports or NAT settings. Moreover, it is free for home usage.

  2. Thanks for sharing!
    AERO admin could be a great complement to this collection.
    Clean teamviewer alternative but FREE for commercial use.

  3. You forgot to add one more remote support tool: GoSupportNow. It is easy to use and costs only $19.95 / month, next to free.


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