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Windows 10 Features

Microsoft Windows has always been a very popular operating system for personal computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Just like all other operating systems you can probably think of, Microsoft also keeps on introducing new versions of Windows after short intervals. From several updates of Microsoft windows, the most popular ones are Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and now Windows 8 and 8.1. Not surprisingly, Microsoft adds new interesting features in all updates and so they are also expected in Windows 10.

According to sources, Windows 10 is expected to release in most parts of the World on the 29th of July 2015. While it is quite obvious that Microsoft will not disclose everything about it now, they did talk in a conference about a few changes they have made:

The Start menu:

It seems like Microsoft did not receive good feedback for an update not having the start menu i.e. Windows 8. Therefore, it probably looks like they have merged Windows 7 and Windows 8 since it is the same tiled view with the start menu. Also, the sizes of tiles and start menu can be personalized according to the users will as Microsoft claimed ‘personalization’ as their aim for Windows 10.

Multiple tabs and multitasking:

After OS X and Linux gained much popularity due to the multiple tabs and multitasking feature, Windows 10 will also have them according to their reports. Multiple tabs and multitasking make the operating system user friendly and easy to use.

Introduction of the ‘modern apps’:

Very often users wish that the apps they’ve been using on their phones and other gadgets are on their desktop too. Windows 10 will have such modern apps that will work on desktop just like other windows apps.

Improvised touch interface:

With an aim of improving the touch screen experience, Microsoft has made several changes in the interface so as to make the touch experience more enjoyable and convenient. A good example that was reported is the enlarged buttons that are easier to touch. This could be attractive because usually a user ends up opening the wrong app because the button was too small. This often leads to frustration among users.

Changes in command prompt:

While you may feel that the change in command prompt is useless, it is worth it for users who actually use the command prompt too much. The only addition is that users will be able to paste the copied text using the keyboard shortcut i.e. Ctrl+V as previously they had to use the mouse. However, there are possibilities of more changes in the command prompt well before Windows 10 gets released probably on the 29th of July 2015.

While you may already be excited about these features, do not forget that these are just some updates that Microsoft decided to disclose. This obviously means that Windows 10 will have several more exciting features and updates and all the bugs in Windows 8 are likely to be fixed.

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Ian-Johns-headshot Windows 10 Features Windows 10 Features Ian Johns headshotIan John is tech blogger who is always passionate for writing about technology advancements. Right now he is working with Fast Dissertation Help; also he has done his Bachelors in Computer Science from Oxford University and enjoying his life with his beautiful wife and daughter.

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