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Virtual Reality is not just about Video Games

The hype regarding the development of virtual reality (VR) is tangible every time rumors of a new device hits the market and you can read about it here on geekersmagazine.com.

Partly, this is because gamers are beyond excited for the technology associated with virtual reality to catch up with their fantasies. In part, it is also because of the numerous industries outside of the video game realm that are interested in tapping into the power of virtual reality.

Virtual Reality is not just about Video Games

Regardless of where virtual reality technology stands now it is, and will remain, a big deal in almost every industry.

A Virtual Business World

virtual reality virtual reality Virtual Reality is not just about Video Games virtual realityVirtual reality has the ability to have a number of significant impacts on the business world. Perhaps the most obvious influence, is its ability to bring geographically distributed employees together. For instance, VR can be used as a means of connecting remote employees to a virtual office space where they can interact with coworkers to share ideas and work on collaborative projects.

Additionally, virtual reality can be used to better market products to consumers. For example, real estate agencies can use virtual reality to help new home buyers experience the homes they might purchase without traveling across town. While giving a tour the salesperson can see exactly where potential buyers are focusing their attention and customize their explanation to fit their interests. It can even allow local real estate agents to sale homes across the country.

A New Healthcare Reality

There are number of unique and impressive uses for VR within the healthcare niche. For example, a number of medical education programs are using the tech to teach new doctors and nurses how to complete various procedures before they try it out on a live patient. This can help to reduce the number of errors and risks associated with training new healthcare professionals as well as provide a great deal more practice and scenario training that might not otherwise be experienced.

Another unique way in which healthcare professionals can use virtual reality is to help prepare for medical emergencies such as disease outbreaks. Professionals in public health can utilize virtual reality training to understand the symptoms and treatment options for a highly contagious disease before exposing themselves to it. VR could help prepare doctors for the next Ebola-like outbreak.

An Alternative Teaching Method

Teachers also have a profound way in which to transform their classrooms using VR. Rather than learning about a subject through outdated textbooks, students can almost literally experience the subject. Instead of lecturing about the Great Barrier Reef, how about having students use virtual reality to view the incredible biodiversity? As an alternative to reading about ancient Greece, why not have students actually visit the area using VR?

Opportunities such as these have the power to transform the way in which students are learning certain subjects. VR could be a way in which to engage students that are traditionally left behind because they aren’t interested in the topic. Furthermore, it encourages students to learn through doing, which is a more powerful means of retaining information.


The use of virtual reality is not limited to just video gamers. Rather, the technology is used by a number of large industries include business, healthcare, and education. It is likely that as virtual reality continues to improve and become more affordable, it will become more widely utilized and may even become a primary part of your day to day life.

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