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Why is Video Marketing so Successful?

The ways in which marketing teams are reaching customers are in an intense state of flux. Innovative technologies that many of us take for granted, such as social media, are taking the marketing world by storm and completely rearranging the way in which business is done. Now, rather than door-to-door salespeople bringing in the bulk of new business, clever online marketing strategies are taking center stage.

Perhaps one of the most powerful new ways in which marketing departments are reaching potential customers is through a form of social media known as short video marketing. This strategy uses small 6-15 second ads to effectively advertise products. And effectively is the key word in that sentence – video marketing is thought to be over 10 times as efficient at conveying messages than text in marketing.  

The Power of Visualization

The phase ‘seeing is believing’ wasn’t developed for no reason – in fact there are a significant number of psychological studies out there that link viewing objects with a greater likelihood of positive association and understanding. According to psychology professor Piotr Winkielman, PhD at the University of Denver, “We like things that are easy on the eyes and easy on the mind.”

Advertising executives are using video technology to take full advantage of our visual persuasions to attract potential customers by catering to their subconscious visual preferences. Short video marketing does this by using psychological techniques such as colorful images or personal association to get potential customers interested and then finishing with a company logo.

The logo finish is important because the brain is already doing visual analysis as it watches the ad. If it has to switch over to textual analysis to read a catch phrase, the likelihood of the watcher retaining that information drops substantially. Furthermore, in a globalized economy, a logo will more easily transfer across language barriers.

An example of this is done is through GoPro’s short video marketing campaign. The company is one of a couple that has experienced great increases in business as a result of their creative strategies. In this example, the GoPro logo is the center of focus at the end of the video, the rest is designed to engage the interest of the potential camera buyer by showing some of the cool filming you can do with a GoPro. After all, who doesn’t want to get up close and personal with lions?

Bite Sized Goodness

Short videos are designed to attract the largest group of internet users as well. The millennial generation’s short attention spans can be taken advantage of with short, powerful videos produced in a video marketing strategy. Millennials are accustomed to getting their information fast, and in an interesting way. If there are long introductions or boring ads they will leave the website before the main message is even conveyed and move on to the next thing.

Time is of the essence, therefore, only the most interesting aspects of the ad are kept during editing. By producing these short ads, marketing executives actually decrease the likelihood of people leaving the page. The more of the ad the potential buyer sees, the more likely they are to remember it, which in turn increases the chances that they will buy your product when they are shopping.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Psychology also offers another trick that the savvy marketer can take advantage of. The power of repetition. Repeating things in short ads works in a couple different ways. For one, the more something is repeated over and over, the more likely viewers are to remember the take away message the advertisement is attempting to get across. For example, in some of GoPro’s other ads, the attention is greatly focused on all of the cool moments you can capture with their product. They even encourage amateurs to submit videos of the cool things they have been doing with their GoPro.

Another psychological aspect of repetition that impacts how much you tend to like something. Dr. Winkielman says here that, “… exposing people repetitively to the same stimulus increases liking. That’s one of the reasons [advertisers] show the same ad over and over again.” Sure, this definitely works in repeating ads, but it also works in short clips.


The technology allowing for a short video marketing strategy is  completely changing the world of advertising and making a significant impact on potential customers. The strategy takes advantage of modern psychology by appealing to visual stimuli, creating short packaged content, and repeating it. Not only has the strategy increased GoPro’s marketing presence in a positive way, but it has also made a similar difference in the marketing strategies of a number of other large companies.

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Brittni Brown is a recent graduate of The College of Idaho; she currently works for a local marketing startup. In her free time she enjoys a variety of outdoor activities.
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