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Top 10 Uncommon Ways to Make Money as a Freelancer

Whether you are looking for freedom outside the stuffy offices or simply want to make some money, there is always a great freelance opportunity for you. In the modern world of developing technologies, there is a great number of options available. And there is a great sense of being your own boss when working as a freelancer.

You will have to control and motivate yourself, however the freedom that comes along with freelancing is totally worth it. In this post, we will take a look at ten ways to make money as a freelancer that may intrigue and even surprise you. Think about your own strengths and skills and get ready to review these sources to light your spirit.

Write for blogs

Blog-posting is a good idea for those who have good writing skills and enough patience for detailed research. Moreover, social media marketing is a developing niche today. Big and small companies are constantly hiring freelance writers and you can contact them via large bases like Upwork to get an access to numerous writing opportunities.freelance  Top 10 Uncommon Ways to Make Money as a  Freelancer Top 10 Uncommon Ways to Make Money as a  Freelancer photo 1432821596592 e2c18b78144f

Write for students

There are websites that allow graduates and professional writers to become a part of academic writing community. If you posses a degree and feel that producing custom papers for students of different grades is your piece of cake, than academic writing career might be your choice. Check Student Share to have a better insight into freelance academic writing.

Write novels and fiction

Another great writing opportunity is writing stories. A website called PitchMe is a place for journalists and publishers, so if you feel that storytelling is for you – you have to try it out. On this website publishers meet the best journalists and writers around the world and help them live out their ideas.

Teach and share your skills

If you are proficient in something and have professional skills, you can try giving online classes. For example, FlexJobs is a website for those who want to share their knowledge online. There you can publish your own study materials and get money for that in case if they really are legitimate, unique and worthy of audience’s attention.

Sell your hand-made items

People sell and buy different types of handmade things. Some of them create jewelry, while the others make leather shoes and belts. If you are found of making bracelets, earrings and pendants with your own hands and think that people will also like your craft – try websites like Etsy to locate your products there. The other way to build “brand awareness” is using your social network profile to tell people about your hand made items. In case if they really are interesting, people will start talking about them and the word of mouth process will bring you income.


If you are found of making photos, why not trying to sell them? Unique and exclusive content is always highly prized, so even if you are an amateur, you can find your place in this niche. Freelance Photo Jobs is a website created for photographers. If you try it out, you will see that this website offers a lot of opportunities, from sports photography to real estate and many more.

Make websites

Often developers and other IT sphere representatives want to be freelancer, too. For them, there are platforms for graphic designers, like Guru. On this websites there more than a million of postings and offers you can look through and find the one that matches your talents and skills.

Make use of your voice

If you have a unique and distinctive voice and feel that making podcast or other voice-related public activities is a good perspective for you – try earning money that way. Websites like Envato offer a list of voice-related jobs like radio, animation, video games, and more. If you think that your voice is not a source of making money unless you are a singer – you are wrong! There is a plenty of voice jobs and you can try one.

Make videos

If you have a camera and you know how to edit video, check out Mandy website. There you will find vacancies located by representatives of television and movie industries. This resource is especially great for those who are making the first steps in the sphere of entertainment.

Use your language skills

If you have good foreign language skills, you can use them to make money as a freelancer. There are websites like ProTranslating that regularly hire translators with any languages to build the fullest base for their customers.

So don’t be afraid of starting a freelance career. If you have enough skills and passion for something – you will always find a way to showcase your talents online. Think about it carefully and get ready to start building your freelance portfolio!

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Top 10 Uncommon Ways to Make Money as a  Freelancer Top 10 Uncommon Ways to Make Money as a  Freelancer cc10f6b592cabd1d083e6978bdc8c59d s 80 d http 3A 2F 2Fwww
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