The technology of files transfer in mobile devices has evolved at a new level with the help of wifi connectivity. There was a time when infrared was used by people for transferring files which was later replaced with Bluetooth. Currently WiFi is the main method for transferring files because nothing is faster than this technology. The ios based iPhone devices are one of the finest mobiles and they supports a number of useful applications. If you have also an iPhone and want to know about the file transfer apps for iPhone then this article is meant for you.

A person having ios based mobile can search WiFi file transfer apps for iPhone in itunes, which is the official spot of downloading. Here one can find a number of applications that can transfer every kind of data whether it is a document, video or audio at very high speed. If you want to download one of the best applications of this series then watch out the following options carefully and choose a suitable app.

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Top 5 Wi-Fi File Transfer Apps for iPhone

1. Air transfer

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Air transfer is a WiFi sharing application specially designed for iphone to transfer files rapidly. This small app comes with plethora of features that are really commendable. It  is best file storage app that allows you to share your files over a Wi-Fi network. when you use this kind of file transfer apps for iPhone on your  iPod touches, it will make your iPhone to act as a  wireless hard disk on a Mac, Linux computer that are on the same Wi-Fi network. So that, you can easily copy or  transfer files  between two devices.



  • Create a wireless hard drive and Auto-detects other devices that are on same Wi-Fi network
  • Support many file formats like PDFs, HTML web page, RTF files etc.
  • High security
  • Search ZIP archives without unzipping and print documents
  • Email attachments and supports many different file transfer protocols like Google Docs, iKeepInCloud, Dropbox, SSH and many more
  • Download files  and also save images to Photos
  • Provide scrollbar to easily view large documents
  • View Source code with color-coded formatting

2.  DropCopy Lite

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DropCopy Lite is another file sharing app that allows you to view, store and manage your stuff on your iPhone over a Wi-Fi network. All you need is to have a Wi-Fi connection and after connecting to it, you can easily move your files to and from your iOS device. It is among the file transfer apps for iPhone that provides all the basic file operations like move, copy, paste, delete, email, share, zip, unzip and many more. Something cool about it is that you just need to use simply drag the files from the Mac to onto dropzone on your desktop and those files will be transferred  to your chosen destination right then. One thing you should note that, DropCopy Lite is not capable of accessing your files in your iTunes library, you will need to add files to your iOS device.



  • Auto-detect other users on same Wi-Fi network
  • Copy, paste, move, delete, zip, unzip and many more file operations
  • Option to rename any file
  • Offer previews for most common file formats
  • Sharing of  clipboards


3. Files n Folders

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WiFi Files is an easy and efficient app that manages your file system on your iOS device at the same time. It’s another one in the roundup that only supports iOS 5.0 or later. Thankfully, it offers more than it’s “transfer your files”  scenario. You are also allowed to save files and email attachments from the web for the later use. It’s a free app but after 11 transfers, you will need to buy this app if you want to continue it’s use. In case of iPhone, it will cost $0.99 and in case of iPad, you will need to pay little much- $1.99.



  • Transfer files to and from your iOS device
  • Zip/Unzip files and organize saved files
  • Send saved files via Email
  • Manage your files and sort them alphabetically and by modification date
  • In the latest version, documentation included
  • Save captured screenshots
  • Support different file formats including HTML and PDF
  • To queue up downloads, a download queue is included


4. Phone Drive

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Phone Drive is created by Eightythree Technology. With it, you can use your iPhone as a portable Wireless Flash Drive to manage your files on the go. Phone Drive supports about 14 languages. It comes up with it’s voice recorder, image viewer, text editor, file manager, PDF reader and document viewer to do full justice with the money you will pay. Along with the basic file operations, file transfer apps for iPhone also supports cloud storage including Dropbox and iCloud storage. It is a great app to have and due to it’s awesome features, it is included in the list.



  • Password protection to protect your files from others
  • Built-in text editor and multi-media player
  • Supports background audio playback and Audio Remote Control from multitask
  • Share files to and from your iOS device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection with password lock
  • Support MS Office, Text & HTML, iwork and many other formats including RTF, MP4,MP3, M4A, CAF, Source code , web archive etc.
  • Support rename, delete, move, copy, unRAR, zip, unzip, create file and folder file operations
  • Import pictures from photo library and allows users to create image captures, video and voice recordings and text-files


5. WiFi HD

file transfer apps for iPhone file transfer apps for iphone Top 5 Wi-Fi File Transfer Apps for iPhone 5

At last, it’s  WiFi HD which is created by Savy Soda. It is among file transfer apps for iPhone that only does what it says. It is recommended if you want to upload or download unlimited data or to make backup of your iPhone. I guess, it’s developers don’t believe in becoming “Jack of all trades, master of none” and that’s why they have focused only in sharing.



  • Uses built-in HTTP File Server to share the files
  • Manage Folders
  • Offers unlimited File Size and Number of Files is also unlimited