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Top 5 Text-to-Speech Apps for Your Android

Do you know you can make your Android to talk back? If not, then don’t worry just keep on reading the article and you will get to know how easy it is to make your Android device to talk back. These are the apps that make our smartphone a real smart. Thanks to those excellent Text-to-speech apps that frees us from reading the text written on our Android device’s screen. Because now our Android device reads everything back to us with the help of these Text-to-Speech apps. So, we can do something more productive while listening our Android device.

text to speech Top 5 Text-to-Speech Apps for Your Android Top 5 Text-to-Speech Apps for Your Android text to speech

Scroll down to take a look at them:

1. IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ

IVONA Text-to-speech HQ is by far the best voice app for text-to-speech that offers more accurate and realistic voices. It uses BrightVoice technology that provides natural sounding voices which makes reading large chunks of text more comfortable. It’s installation is quite easy, all you need is to install the app first and then choose and install an appropriate language and voices from Google Play. Finally, launch the IVONA app and select IVONA TTS Engine as your default engine.

Key Features:

-More realistic and easy to understand voices
-BrightVoice technology provides a perfect text-to-speech solution
-Easy to use
-Available in multiple languages, accents and genders

Price: Free

2. Easy Text to Speech

Another very powerful TTS app that not only prevents your eyes from straining but also saves your time by allowing you to do another task while listening your device. The coolest thing about this app is that it works in the background and quickly reads out your text without having to actually open up the app. You can also download the paid version of the app, Easy Text to Speech Pro for more features but for this you have to cough up $4.00.

Key Features:

-Clipboard Monitoring for quick TTS from any other app.
-Incoming SMS Text reader and Caller Id Name reader.
-No ads or compromised privacy.
-Web Page and News Article Reader
-Automated Text Import, Loop mode of selected text and much more.

Price: Free

3. Talk – Text to Voice

Simple but an effective TTS app with very flexible features and very less robotic voices. One thing you need to do to make this app working is that you must have a Text-to-Speech engine on your Android device. It allows you to paste large chunks of text into the large text box and the app will readout the text for you. You can also share the URL of any website by enabling the ‘Get text from shared websites’ option in the app’s settings and the app will automatically the text of web pages.

Key Features:

-Text to voice
-Multiple languages supported.
-Read web pages.
-Clear voices and Play/Pause/Stop options included.

Price: Free

4. CereProc

CereProc uses an advanced TTS technology and provides real and natural voices even in the noisy environment. It not only provides different characters but also different animals like Pig Latin and Dog and hence can even make your phone to bark at you (seriously!)

Key Features:

– Different characters.
– Lifelike voices.
– Navigate with Google Navigation.
– Readout your SMS, eBook, Newsfeed or Twitter etc. with the TTS-enabled apps.

Price: ~$1.60

5 . Acapela TTS Voices

Last but not the least, Acapela TTS voices makes your Android device to speak 30 different languages. It is integrated with 91 voices and many TTS-enabled apps. The app is absolutely free but to you need to buy and download at least one voice with in-app Billing into the application to unlock it’s features.

Key Features:

-Provides real-time translation.
-Multiple languages and voices are supported.
-Navigation direction from Google Navigation and other GPS apps.
-Learn languages with audio feedback.
-Reads out your eBooks or Newsfeed.

Price: Free

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