That time has gone when pen and paper is the only tool for Mind mapping. Now, the time has changed and so are the tools. Smartphones has simplified almost everything for it’s users whether it is file sharing, photo editing and this time mind mapping. What is more easy for doing brainstorming process- searching a pen and paper (I mean who carries them now a days) or just popping out your smartphone from your pocket? Of course, using your smartphone that really makes your mind mapping task an easy job with the simple touch. Moreover, smartphones let’s you to generate your great ideas on the go!

Android Mind Mapping Apps Top 6 Free Mind Mapping Tools for Android Top 6 Free Mind Mapping Tools for Android Andoid Mind mapping Apps

We have listed 5 great mind mapping tools for your Android that can make your mind mapping quite easy. Scroll down to take a look.

1. Mindjet Maps for Android

We will start our list with the Mindjet which is one of the most popular mind mapping tool among the mind mappers. Freedom of taking notes, using camera to capture photos and then use them to create completely unique new mind map, online cloud storage support (Dropbox), ability of zoom in and out, searching and sorting of Mindjet files through tagging, this little nifty has it all.

Key Features:

1. Ability of entering topics on maps by using speech-to-text conversion feature of your Android device

2. Dropbox support for synchronizing your notes right from your Android device to your computer

3. Features like Full screen mode, File tagging and priority markers are included

4. It gives shape to your thoughts through it’s gesture shortcuts

5. Add web links and text notes

6. Create tasks and topic notes, drag and drop, colossal collection of topic styles and lots more.

2.  SchematicMind

Yet another very powerful mind mapping tool with countless useful features. But it’s straight forwardness left me fairly impressed. If you are looking for something quick, and yet effective mind mapping app that is capable enough to get your thoughts out quickly and turn them into vision flawlessly then then this app can probably make some headway.

Key Features:

1. Various map styles, icons, and unlimited map size

2. No limit on mind maps created

3. Includes feature of scrolling/zooming and import/export

4. Five distinct shapes to choose from

3. SimpleMind

As the name suggests, SimpleMind is a simple but extremely effective mind mapping app that will make you it’s fan in no minute. If you are a beginner then I would recommend this app that not only provides you an ease of creating mind maps but at the same time provides you an ability to undo or redo your actions. Though it is a free version of the app but if you want some more features then you can buy it’s paid version- SimpleMind mind mapping (but for this you need to cough up $ 4.99).

Key Features:

1. Easy to use interface

2. Features like Undo/Redo and Cut/ Copy/ Paste included

3. Unlimited mind maps

4. To make your presentation more appealing, it adds various visual styles to your mind maps

5. To create parent-child relationships drag and drop the topic nodes

6. Support for large Mind Map page

4. iMindMap

An awesome mind-blowing app that you can use at anytime to brainstorms your ideas no matter where you are. It’s time saving features and creativeness make it worth trying. Plus, it is completely free. When you launch the app, it will ask first to sign up for a free account in order to sync your iMindMap files between all your supporting devices. If it comes to graphics and visual appearance then none of the other apps can beat iMindMap. You can also unlock many other useful features through an in-app subscription to the app.

Key Features:

1. Unique sketch tool

2. In-built SmartLayout technology and templates

3. Undo/Redo options for changing your mind map

4. Lots of styles and free hand branches to make your mind maps more appealing

5. Add attachments and hyperlinks, gives limited access to ThinkBuzan Cloud and lot more

5. MindBoard Free

MindBoard app comes up with mainly three versions – MindBoard Free, MindBoard Lite and MindBoard (though there are also two other versions MindBoard Draw free and MindBoard Lite free). You can chooe the one which suits you best. I gave a shot to this app in order to experience it’s features and frankly speaking it served me more than I had expected. It’s free flowing interface, elimination of virtual keyboard, highly customizable editor impressed me a lot and forced me to write about it. Just imagine, you don’t need to use that virtual keyboard anymore. Just finger-draw on your android tablet to create mind maps and you are done!

Key Features:

1. Zoom in and zoom out using two fingers

2. Exports your mind map as PDF

3. Customize parameters like pen sizes, drawing, and branch color

4. You can use your one finger for shifting

5. Neat and clean user interface

6.  Mindomo

Draw your ideas through the intuitive interface of Mindomo. It not only let’s you to create unique mind maps but also to share them among your colleagues. The best part part of this app its that it allows you to share your ideas with others by providing real time collaboration. Some other highlighted features are- interactive presentations, a large number of maps and folders to use, offilne work and sync, multiple layouts and lot more.

Key Features:

1. Excellent visualization of notes, links or tasks on topics

2. Smoothly syncs all your mind maps to the cloud

3. Undo/Redo functions to alter your mind maps

4. Full map history

5. Real time collaboration

6. A large variety of icons, styles, colors, and map themes to choose from