HTML is becoming the most widely used for development of Games. Quality of HTML games is frequently increasing day by day. We can play these HTML games on our iPhones, iPads, Android phones or our desktop computer. With the use of HTML5 we can create 2D as well as 3D games. Some games are built for PC and some are dynamic. Some games can be used with both desktop and mobiles.

The 5 steps used to built HTML Games are listed here. These steps should be performed serially for best output. The steps are :

Ø A framework is built first.

Ø Consider cross platformness.

Ø Players growth must be saved so that he can resume from the last quitting position.

Ø Execution time should be low.

Ø Incorporate some advanced features in your games.

The best 5 HTML Games are listed here :


This game will bring you in the Arena where the monsters are coming from three sides and you have to survive them by killing them. You can kill them by throwing different weapons on them which you have. Bigger monsters can multiply them by splitting in to more smaller enemies.There comes a boss of the monsters at some time in the game.


Ø It is a very easy and simple PC game.

Ø For Graphics, this game uses HTML5 Canvas.

Ø This game is a fun top down frame.

Ø It is a defender like game.

Ø The aim of the game is to survive against the enemies.


Pac-Man is very popular HTML game in which you are in the middle of thousands of mazes. You can go anywhere on any side in any maze you want. There is no restriction on the movement. You don’t have to have to first finish the maze you are in before going to another. You can move as you want.


Ø This game is created by Soap.

Ø It also uses HTML canvas for Graphics.

Ø It is a very popular game of PAC-MAN.

Ø It has very steep size.

Ø The maps are made by players so we can make our own map.

Ø The mazes can be hit or miss as customized by us.

Ø We can create our own section of game we want.


Angry birds is a well known and one of the most addictive game that run on multiple platforms. In this game, there is a angry bird which you have to fling on the buildings and pigs. The idea is that you have to destroy more and more buildings. The more buildings you destroy the more you get the score. If you want to download Angry Birds on your PC, you can follow the link.


Ø It is a physics based game.

Ø It uses WebGL for graphics.

Ø It has 70 levels and 7 more for chrome only.

Ø You can also call it as a puzzler and yes, it costs you nothing.


In this game you have to find and collect keys and treasures. You can move anywhere in the maze and enemies are all around the maze. The enemies can be pop up from any part of the maze so you have to take those structures so that you can move forward.


Ø It is a gauntlet in browser.

Ø There are a no of mazes in it.

Ø It works on PC only. Ø It has original variety.

Ø It is quite decent game that is really easy to learn .


WordSquared is very popular online crossword game with multi-player feature. And, it’s new version comes up with lots of tweaks such as word packs, leaderboard, presence on both Facebook and web and much more.


Ø It is a game of words.

Ø It is based on tiles.

Ø It allows you to play online with Multiple players.

Ø Server used is NODE.js