With all the recent talk about the importance of staying healthy and fit, everyone wants to do something about his own fitness. Unfortunately, since most people these days are too busy in improving their  financial lives and have very less time to spare, if at all, most of us simply cannot seem to be able to find the time out to hit the gym daily for a proper fitness regime.

android apps to stay fit Top 4 Android Apps to Help You Stay Fit Top 4 Android Apps to Help You Stay Fit android apps to stay fit

However, this is where your smartphones come into play. We all know that Apple has already taken a step a head in this field by launching it’s DermoMap HD app to diagnose skin problems. Now, it’s Android’s show time.  Android has made it possible to do hitherto unimaginable things on your mobile phones, which means you can learn pretty much everything you want from right within your smartphone! By installing these four Android apps for fitness, you won’t be able to fret about the lack of time since you will be able to stay fit from the comfort of your home! So here they go:

1. Endomondo Sports Tracker
Undoubtedly one of the best fitness apps for Android that have been released so far, Endomondo has had a hugely successful run so far, with millions of downloads to prove its worth in the Android marketplace or Google play as it is popularly known these days. Endomondo is an all-in-one fitness app that plays the role of your personal trainer and also your social fitness partner, thereby making it ideal for any outdoor activity that you indulge in, including cycling, walking, running or any other such activity.

Some of the best features of Endomondo is that it helps you track a variety of things, including duration, distance, speed and calories which can lead to great insights into your exercise patterns. Not only that, you can also get live pep talks from friends and see your route on a map. You can even post your workouts to Facebook timeline and see your friends’ workouts in real time to compete with them. Though there is a paid version of Endomondo that is available too, the free version is more than sufficient and is good enough for the majority of users.

2. JeFit
Did you ever want to go to the gym, but couldn’t do so because of time constraints? Well, you don’t need to worry anymore, since JeFit can become your personal trainer to guide you on the best workouts that you could even practice in the comfort of your home. JeFit is known as the worlds most dedicated bodybuilding software and has been designed by serious bodybuilders so you can be assured that the workouts are legitimate and effective.

You can also log your progress and create custom workouts if you would like to add your own workout to the app’s database. There is also a progress tracking graphic chart that will help you track your weight, body fat and the measurements of your chest, waist, arms, shoulders and other body areas. The best part about this app is that automatically calculates your BMI (body mass index) and is completely free to use!

3. Calorie Counter
An excellent app for calorie conscious people who want to track their calories to be able to either lose or gain weight or to simply maintain their current weight. The app has the fastest and easiest to use interface that easily lets users check on their calorie consumption in a particular day.

Calorie Counter has the largest food database of any Android calorie counter application, around 2,000,000 foods approximately! You just have to enter the foods you consumed in a particular meal and the app will quickly estimate the number of calories that you consumed. The best part is that the app fully sync your stored data with the web, so you can log on to their website even from your computer to edit or update any entry and also calculate your calories.

4. Daily Yoga
With strenuous lives taking a toll on most of us, yoga has become more of a necessity than a mere hobby, simply to stay fit and relax the muscles in our body. If you want to use your smartphone to practice yoga, then Daily Yoga is the perfect companion for you. The app has lots of yoga exercises and sessions that will help you practice yoga whenever you want!

Daily Yoga comes with 26 yoga sessions and over 200 poses in its library so you know exactly how to do any particular yoga exercise. Not only that, there are also 6 free background music tunes embedded in the app and different workout intensities depending on your choice and personal preferences. The app even has subsessions divided for various body parts such as the abs, back, chest etc. You can even share your achievements with fellow yoga practitioners over the app and chat with your friends!

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