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Home » Mobile » IOS » Top 25 Games for your Brand new iPhone 5

Top 25 Games for your Brand new iPhone 5

Bought a new iPhone 5? Great. You must be feeling like top of the world by having the most glorious Smartphone in the whole universe. It’s 4-inch retina display is really a great advantage for the game lovers as it provides more area to use. If you are also a game lover then you should use this advantage by downloading the cool iPhone games that are optimized for your new iPhone 5. I know, it is somewhat difficult for you to find those games that are not only best to use but also optimized for your new toy. Therefore, to make things easier for you, I have hand-picked more than a few of them to pimp your iPhone with.

Scroll down to take a look at them:

1. Asphalt 7: Heat

If you want to enjoy the best mobile racing experience on your iPhone 5 then you must go for Asphalt 7: heat. It’s stunning graphics will definitely make you it’s fan in no minute. It’s updated version comes with 60 different cars including Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ferrari etc. , online multi-player, race across the globe, 150 different races, 15 leagues and many more. Just grab it!

Price: $0.99

2. Temple Run 2

You might have already played Temple Run or might get tired of playing it. Why not try it’s new version on your new iPhone 5? It is not just another ‘updated for larger display’, but with the latest update, you can experience new and better graphics, more powerups and achievements, exhilarating running, jumping, sliding and turning. For each character, it also offers special powers and if everything is coming in larger size then how the demonic monkey can be left behind.

Price: Free

3. Eternity Warriors 2

Eternity Warriors 2 is a popular battle game that lets you to fight against deadlier demon army and clean all the demon towers. Excellent HD visuals, online multi-player mode, new powerful weapons and helm, special skills make this game one of the best game at the moment.

Price: Free

4. Subway Surfers

Yet another popular game is Subway Surfers and yes, it is also optimized for your iPhone 5. This game is famous for it’s colorful and lively graphics. It’s new version comes up with more features like 3 new exciting boards, Daredevil board, experience of carnival time in Brazil, surfing samba dancer and Carmen in character selection and lots more.

Price: Free

5. Lili™

Lili, from the house of BitMoster,Inc. , is one of the most visually-stunning games that can actually show off the power of your new iPhone 5. It is the story of a mysterious island of Geos and a girl called as Lili where she explores beautiful environments, meets funny locals and fights in her non-violent way with the evil spirits for her survival. The method of fighting is really unique, you have to pluck the enough flowers by jumping on spirit’s back in order to defeat it.

Price: $2.99

6. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

This is the right time to play SuperBrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP on your newly bought iPhone 5. What I like about this game, is it’s 8-bit art style and may be because of this reason, it has been chosen as the iPad Game of the Year Runner-Up in App Store Rewind 2011. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is really fascinating game and everything whether it is humor, art or music are all top notch.

Price: $4.99

7. N.O.V.A. 3: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance

N.O.V.A. 3 is undoubtedly the strongest app to date and very famous among the iOS gamers. An epic storyline, FPS benchmark for graphics and gameplay, perfect sound, real time voice chat, a large collection of weapons and powers, this game has it all.

Price: $6.99

8. Jet Pack Joyride

From the creators of Fruit Ninja, Jet Pack Joyride is an adorable game that will take you to the adventurous trip. Start to play as Barry, a lovable hero, with the legendary Machine Gun Jetpack to kill the evil scientists and to full your pocket with cash. Best part is that it comes with free price tag!

Price: Free

9. Infinity Blade 2

Discover the truth behind the secrets of the Infinity Blade. If we talk about the visuals, it is really difficult to beat Infinity Blade 2 in this. It’s excellent combat system, epic storyline and incredible role-playing elements actually set the high standard for iOS gaming.

Price: $6.99

10. Real Racing 3

If you want to experience a real race with real people and on real tracks then Real Racing 3 will be a best pick for you. 22- car grid, 45 detailed cars, Time Shifted Multiplayer technology, more than 900 events are the key features of the Real Racing 3 by Electronic Arts. Though, Real Racing 2 cost $5.49 but the amazing fact is that, Real Racing 3 cost nothing! No No, it doesn’t mean it comes with lots of annoying ads, it is just that developers will make their money from in-app purchases.

Price: Free

11. Tiny Tower

Enjoy the benefit of 4-inch display of your iPhone 5 to play this vertically-scrolling game. Tiny Tower, created by NimbleBit LLC, is a simple game that doesn’t require your extra skills and strategy. You just need to build new types of floors and customize them in order to attract bitizens to live and work inside.

Price: Free

12. Ham on the Run!

Save Ham, a pig who loves to run, from hazards by using one touch controls. And yes, not to forget to fill up your pockets with tickets and powerups. In order to win prizes and to compete on the leaderboards, you will need to spin the wheel.

Price: Free

13. Words With Friends

Words with Friends is one of the most addictive game and it’s more than 20 million downloads make it a must-have app on your iOS device. Though it comes up with it’s free version too but if you want to play an ad free app then you can simply switch to it’s paid versions that cost you $2.99. All your stuff including your existing account, friends and games will carry over automatically to it’s paid version.

Price: $2.99

14. Frontline Commando

Frontline Commando is a free game but still very popular out there that in which you will play as a Frontline Commando who is on his deadly missions. Great combat, precise controls, advanced physics, console quality visuals that are enough to push your iPhone 5 to the limit.

Price: Free

15. MetalStorm: Online

As the name suggests, MetalStorm: Online, by Z2Live, Inc. , is made to be played online and for this you need to have a Wi-Fi connection or 3G. It is one of the most action packed jet fighting game that has advanced combat aircraft, excellent visuals, multiple game mode, enabled Gyroscope to control full 360-degree flight in 3D space, advanced evasive maneuvers, real time in-app voice chats, seeking help from friends to complete your tough mission and lots more. To enjoy the complete HD gaming experience, you can also play it on your TV with AirPlay and an Apple TV.

Price: Free

16. Minecraft – Pocket Edition

Minecraft is definitely a useful game for those who possess a hobby of architecture or even for those who just want to have fun with creativity. This great app is about placing blocks to build things adventures and meanwhile exploring more adventures. Some of it’s key features includes- online multi-player, randomly generated worlds, crafting and creating with friends across the world etc.

Price: $6.99


Your iPhone 5 will be incomplete without Pitfall! It is a must play game with gorgeous graphics, precise controls, bombastic adventure and a completely enjoyable runner. All it’s incredibly good features make it to beat to all other action adventure games. And you know what, it cost nothing!

Price: Free

18. The Walking Dead: Assault

If you want to enjoy every penny you paid and every second of your play time then you should go for The Walking Dead: Assault. It is based on Robert Kirkman’s award winning comic book series. It is a tremendous app which is highly appreciated by critics and it’s players. If you are thinking to buy this game, then we recommend you to go ahead with full confidence as it wouldn’t let you down.

Price: $2.99

19. Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger is created by MADFINGER Games, a.s. and from it’s more than 11 million downloads, you can easily imagine how much it is famous among it’s users. The latest version of this nifty app makes full use of your new iPhone 5 touch screen. Something cool about this game is that it allows you to backup your progress on cloud. You can kill zombies in many different ways like shooting their head, explode them up with powerful explosives and many more ways that please you. It has lots of weapons to use and lots of new characters to unlock.

Price: Free

20. Wild Blood

Gameloft has come up with the revolutionary Unreal Engine to blow you away by offering battles in real-time and full-3D graphics with special effects. Epic fights, stunning special powers, 10 breathtaking levels, duo gamer compatibility, epic multi-player mode, excellent combat, more puzzles to solve and more enchanting environment to explore make this immense release one of the best game available at the moment.

Price: $6.99

21. Pinball Crystal Caliburn II

I guess, the developers of Pinball games are taking full advantage of 4-inch touch screen of new iPhone 5 as it is truly designed for pinball games, No? Well, Pinball Crystal Caliburn II will clear out all your doubts by providing you best gaming experience.

Price: $3.99

22. Skylanders Cloud Patrol

Skylanders Cloud Patrol is one of the most addictive game that uses your skills against those troublesome trolls to put them in their place. In order to react to the next level, you need to complete goals and earn gems to unlock more Skylanders. It is a simple in which you only need to tap your finger to shoot and to achieve knock out combos, you can slide your finger across the targets.

Price: $1.99

23. Happy Street

Use your creativity to build your own ravishing village. Meanwhile, discover many unique characters like Billy, Pepin and Zoë during your adventurous trip. Happy Street, by Godzilab, allows you to customize your characters and discover 3 unique environments. It is a nice app to have fun with.

Price: Free

24. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

When it comes to the graphical power, no one has been able to trump Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies by Activision Publishing, Inc. You can play it as a team of 4 or even solo and it also includes 50 levels of “Dead-Ops Arcade,” a 50-level zombie gauntlet, voice chats and many other things. Try it out!

Price: $6.99

25. Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings is an easy to play game which is optimized also for your new iPhone 5 and it’s wider screen does allow for easier gaming experience. The game has two modes- “Day Trip” and “Flight School”. You can choose any of them and choose any of the character, including mama bird or one of her four children, to play this game. It also comes with iCloud support.

Price: $0.99

There is no doubt that these iPhone games can increase your child’s happiness too. So, if you are a parent or even not then don’t hesitate to try these games out on your new  iPhone 5. If you are looking for best ipad games then check out our article on the same.

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