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7 Tools to Help Employees be More Efficient

Every place of work is demanding more efficiency. And when it comes to efficiency in the workplace, having the right tools may be a make or break scenario for many a business owner. That said, here are 7 tools to help employees be more efficient and well worth considering as they will heighten the efficiency of your workforce.

Employee communication

Employee communication is usually a huge problem when it comes to inefficiency. An example of just this is that e-mails can take up almost 30 percent of an employees’ daily work-time.

Communication tools for social networking pursuits can make a large difference, in terms of freeing up time for other tasks.

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  1. HipChat

HipChat permits private communication as well as file sharing between teams. A user may engage in several chats simultaneously, thereby being able to work on multiple projects and communicate with team members whenever necessary.

Chats are recorded and are searchable, and video calls as well as screen sharing is easily implemented. But what is perhaps best of all is that all the app’s features are available for a minimal $2 per month per user.

  1. Zula

In terms of collaborative chat apps, Zula is the new kid, having first appeared in 2013. The key focus of Zula is collaboration on the move, and it utilizes a mobile-only platform which works for communication via rich media, text, conference calls, and file sharing.

It’s still in its early life and the team behind it are continuing to raise sizeable funds, which has resulted in plenty of buzz in that this could be the next big thing in terms of productivity in the workplace.

Online scheduling

If you’re intent on scheduling your customers’ or your staff’s appointments, these tools can help you out.

  1. When I Work

When I Work is a web-based scheduling interface which requires minimal data entry. It allows staff to remain connected with their schedules, irrespective of their whereabouts. If shifts are missed or vacated, a mobile notification can be sent to interested employees which permits them to click a button and fill the spot.

  1. GenBook

Now well entrenched in the scheduling space for small businesses, GenBook is a busy place, as it currently has over 650,000 appointments each month which are scheduled for business owners.

Besides scheduling, the app allows a company to offer special promotions, and these promotions can then be connected to social profiles within the company. Customer analytics can also be tracked.

In essence GenBook permits your staff to place their focus on service provision, while you as business owner can work on expanding marketing campaigns and measuring business results.

Password management

For pretty much everyone, the managing of passwords represents nothing short of a major pain. Nevertheless, if passwords are kept memorable, it poses a threat to security. The tool listed below help to improve security, and there’s no more worry about being locked out of your account because you got your password wrong a few times.

  1. LastPass Enterprise

LastPass auto-generates and stores thoroughly complex passwords. It’s highly secure and comes with password vaulting combined with cloud SSO, thereby aiding you in the protection of company data while managing your password policy, which optimizes employee productivity.

Project tracking and collaboration

Most employees these days heavily rely on both e-mails and phone calls whenever they are working within a project team. Nevertheless, an almost endless supply of threads and responses which are out-of-sequence quickly become confusing. This leads to inevitable mistakes and a diminished level of productivity.

To make your team far more efficient, the following project tracking and collaboration tool will fit the bill.

  1. Producteev

Producteev is a powerful tool for team management and tasking, as it serves to organize workflows into projects, tasks, and networks. Further, those who are following specific tasks will receive on-the-go updates as status changes are made.

Teams can work even away from the workplace, given that apps are available for every popular mobile device.

Tracking employees – Clockspot

With Clockspot, it permits employees to punch in via an online time clock using either a cell phone or by calling a toll-free number. Caller ID and IP addresses are tracked so you’ll know precisely where they are when clocking in.

You can log in to review or adjust employees’ timesheets, and the data is stored securely in the cloud where it’s backed up daily.

Time spent on various tasks, on projects, or with clients can be tracked using job codes. Employee time off requests and PTO balances and accruals can also be tracked using Clockspot.

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