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5 Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram

No matter what social media site it is, users always want to see the number of their followers increasing rapidly and here we share 5 tips to get more followers on Instragram.

People want to make themselves popular in every platform and in order to do this, they prefer social networking sites like Instagram, where they can show off all their activities through interesting images.

However, the number of follower plays a greater role in terms of building a popular Instagram profile, because users do not want to follow an account comprised with fewer followers and that is why people work hard to get more and more follower for their Instagram account.

In this article, we will show you some easy and convenient ways through which you can enhance the number of followers in your Instagram account.

Increase Your Activity with Schedule

If you have decided to get popular on Instagram, then you will have to increase the number of your followers. If you post new images very often, then you will have to increase your activity with a scheduled time.

You should maintain a schedule to post new images in your profile so that your followers can expect to see something interesting on that particular time. However, if you take a break and do not post new images on your profile, then your followers may decide to un follow your account.

Thus, it is important to maintain your Instagram activity with a perfect schedule and post interesting but relevant images to keep your followers satisfied.

Keep Tagging on Images

If you have just opened your account on Instagram, then you might be unaware of the fact of tagging, which is very important to attract new followers as well as retaining existing ones. However, it is not that you are the one who does not know to use the tag. If you look into the account of a popular Instagrammer, you will find he or she also missed the tag on his or her first photograph.

Instagram instagram 5 Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram Instagram

You should know that tagging is a very important factor if you want to increase the number of followers because people search images based on their tag and if you do not add tags then your photos will not be visible to the users. For example, if you tag the word “bird” on your image, then whenever users input the word on searching bar, your picture will be included on the search result. Your tag will be a good source for your account to be searched by users.

Use Other Social Media Platforms

One of the best ways to increase the number of your Instagram followers is by utilizing other social media networks efficiently. For example, if you have accounts on Facebook and Twitter and they are connected with your Instagram account, then your new post can be shared with these other social media sites too.

Through this way, you will be able to attract more followers to your Instagram account. Users with similar interests will definitely find you on Instagram and start to follow you. In addition, you might even encourage your Facebook and Twitter followers to open an account in Instagram if they do not have one. For more info, visit Instamacro.

Follow the Trend

You can use the hashtag trends to get more Instagram followers. For example, if you find that many users are posting images with POTD (picture of the day) tag, then you can follow the trend.

You can post any picture even out of your subject with the tag, but it should be interesting. If you practice the trend, then you will find many people like POTD have started to follow you on Instagram.

The number of followers often depends on several facts like users outside popularity, activity and the quality of posted photographs.

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