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Technology in the Landscape

Technology in the Landscape

People consider their indoor areas the most important parts of their home, and who’s to blame them? However, paying attention to your outdoor space is very important – nowadays, especially, in terms of technology. Here are a couple of interesting ideas can help you come up with a perfect home exterior.

Technology in the Landscape  Technology in the Landscape dc369706a76f3301fc61f1bc5fc6e3daOutdoor Television

The only reason you might be spending your summer time indoors is probably the TV. Having a television set outside is in no way a bad idea. Yes, spending time outside is all about enjoying the nature, but why not combine the outside feel with a TV to watch sports, movies and even play video games, while breathing in the fresh summer scent? There are indoor sets that you can use outdoors, but opting for a set that can withstand high temperatures is an expensive, but safer investment. In any case, make sure that it is well covered, in case of summer downpours.

Outdoor Projector

If you gave a large, empty white wall within your backyard, forget about the TV and get yourself a quality projector. With this, you can enjoy movies and feel as if you are at an open-air cinema! Get some cozy chairs and enjoy the nighttime outdoor home cinema experience!

Interesting Lighting

While your indoor area can certainly benefit from strange types of lighting, you can’t go too far in terms of experimenting – there isn’t enough room for some ideas and functionality is at stake. Let your hanging out in the backyard become a daily vacation of sorts by installing things such as floating globe lamps, to set the mood. You’ll love it!


Installing a quality music system is an all-round useful thing! Whether you want to unwind with some chill tunes, or are making party plans, a good surround system is a requirement. Much like with a TV set, simply make sure that it is well-secluded from potential showers and you’re good to go! If this seems a bit too “MTV Cribs” for your taste, you can use a portable, waterproof speaker – perfect for your summer pool fun with friends! Combine this device with solar charges and forever ebb away the awkward silences without music.


If you have a garden in your yard, you probably own some sprinklers. This technology is just fine, but you’ll need a way to disperse fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers and, quite frankly, doing this by hand can be quite tedious and messy. Getting one of the boom sprayers can go a long way in providing you with a sense of relief while resting in the peaceful oasis that is your garden.

Technology in the Landscape  Technology in the Landscape solar power light outdoor 8 led lamp for patio yard garden home stairs wall 758fe6d92dfa8d3d6ea15712a638a7d3Go Solar

One of the main benefits of spending time outdoors is basking in the warmth of the Sun. Living beings, however, aren’t the only ones that benefit from this; buying a solar charger for your smartphone is a perfect idea for when you are in the backyard, with your phone Wi-Fi sucking the life out of your battery.

Fight off the Insects

Bugs and other insects are common party poopers in a backyard, but old-school electric insect killers and fly tapes no longer cutting technology in terms of bug-killing efficiency. There are many aesthetically-pleasing insect killers available out there that will make sure that you remain unbothered by insects and completely bug-free. Your lights, projector and/or TV set will still draw these little creatures towards your backyard, but a quality bug zapper will keep them from annoying you.

Putting technology outdoors is unavoidable, so conforming to it will bring you a lot of fun. Furthermore, all of the outlined devices will definitely make your backyard experience more enjoyable and fun!

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