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Technology that has become an asset for seniors

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Technology has become a major part of our society and has helped create many benefits for seniors and you can read about them here on geekersmagazine.com.

Most seniors have some knowledge of how to use technology to their advantage, but most have never learned how to use many tech devices that help them in their everyday lives. So how to fix this issue? People help to teach them!

Not only are people helping to teach seniors how to use tech devices, but tech companies and developers are creating products that are easier to use for everyone, helping seniors find ways to benefit from many tech products.

Technology that has become an asset for seniors

Here are a few products that provide technology for seniors.


Tablets are being used more than computers these days and may eventually put the laptop into extinction. Tablets are very easy to use and therefore, they are a great technology for seniors. An article written by Michigan State University discusses why tablets work best to get seniors online.

“The dexterity required to control a mouse is really hard for some older adults,” says Shelia Cotten, professor of media and information at Michigan State University. Shelia Cotten also states, “For the most part they are pretty easy to operate. You don’t have to click on 12 different things to do what you want to do. It helps to ease their tech anxiety.”

Not only are tablets easier to use for seniors, but they allow them to socialize easier with family and friends. I remember when my grandfather purchased a tablet and we helped teach him how to use it. He was so excited how he could take pictures and share them with us. Also, he was able to use skype and catch up with us face-to-face.


Many apps have been created to produce benefits for seniors. Whether it be a smartphone or a tablet, seniors are able to use apps to help them in their daily lives.

Here’s a few that seniors can benefit from:

  • Mint: Mint is one of the top personal finance apps that helps seniors to keep track of their finances and modify their spending to save more.
  • WebMD: This allows seniors to keep up with their health. They can ask questions and get information on medical conditions.
  • PillBoxie: This app helps you to remember when to take your medications and which medications to take at a specific time. Also allowing you to customize with med types and colors.
  • Voice Reading: It can get difficult to continue to read long emails or articles. This app will read aloud any text shared from other apps, URLs or even text files.
  • Scrabble: A game that most people love and seniors can still enjoy while on their tablet.

These are just a few to mention, as many app developers are continuing to create helpful apps for seniors.

Hearing Aids:

Remember when a family member would have to wear those large tan colored hearing aids that were impossible to adjust correctly and you could always hear whistles and other odd noises? That day is long gone.

Today’s hearing aids are much smaller and not nearly as visible as the big clunkers from the past. Earl Bowie, MD, an ear, nose, and throat specialist at Ochsner Clinic Foundation North Shore in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana has discussed the new hearing aids in an article on WebMD. Bowie says, “most hearing aids today contain a microcomputer that is much more sophisticated in responding to noise in the environment, so you don’t get feedback and echoes.”

Hearing aids continue to use technology and make strides in creating a better product for people with hearing issues every year.

Fitness Bracelets:

Now, with many different options for fitness bracelets, seniors can choose whichever one they like best. Fitness bracelets help to keep track of exercise and continue to motivate seniors to stay mobile.

My father, who loves fitness, at the age of 66 lost some of his motivation to continue to push himself during exercise. He always ran or walked the dogs and now they were suffering as well with the lack of motivation my father was having. He purchased a fitness bracelet that tracks his movement and is now motivated to push himself further and harder than he has in the past. The dogs love this too! They have much needed healthy activities back in their lives.

Technology will continue to grow and create new products for everyone to take advantage of. Seniors are learning how to use technology that benefits their lives and advancements in technology will continue to be an asset for seniors moving forward.


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technology for seniors Technology that has become an asset for seniors b225a3e71fdbeaae5e196b7ba06c8b88 s 80 d http 3A 2F 2Fwww

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