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How is Technology Affecting Our Learning Ability

Is technology affecting our learning ability and holding us back?

Throughout history, technology innovations have often led to greater efficiency in our daily lives. Whether those advances occurred during the industrial revolution or during this time period, one thing is for sure. The world continues to change as a result of these advances.

Although technology enables us to do things that were previously unimaginable, is it possible that these same electronics are actually holding us back as individuals, rather than propelling us forward. Or, given its current omnipresence, could it actually be taking over?  

If you aren’t sure whether you disagree or not, just ask yourself if your computer crashed, what would you do?

What about if you lost your cell phone? 

If just thinking about these scenarios give you anxiety and stress, you’re not alone.

Most of us rely on technology so much, that we don’t even realize it. If technology were to disappear, even for a day, the majority of us would find it extremely inconvenient, and for some, even life changing.

So what if technology disappeared out of your life for one day.

What would your day look like if you couldn’t access the internet and check your social media accounts?

Issues user face with over-relying on technology:

technology affecting our learning ability technology How is Technology Affecting Our Learning Ability Internet Patrol

Courtesy of Reply-Mc

Memorizing important phone numbers. The most important one that all gadgets users struggle with. For the older generation, in particular, you use to be able to cite all your closest friend’s and family’s phone number by heart. In other words, you knew their numbers like the back of your hand, and could even make a song about it.

Now you have to look up your parents and significant other’s phone number when asked to write down an emergency contact. Hey, what about the place you order take out from every Friday night? Oh, that’s right, you order online.

Although some phone companies have the ability to conduct data recovery for clients by running virtualization projects, the process can still result in important numbers being lost. With that being said, make sure you have your contacts saved in different places (that aren’t online).  

Spelling tricky words. This is another important one. Spell check, predictive text and speech text make it pretty easy to communicate and pretty much impossible to remember how to spell words like “Refrigerator,” “Pneumonia,” “Receipt,” and ironically “misspell” impairing our spelling abilities.

Furthermore, techniques that we’ve learned in school go out the window thanks to the red squiggly line below that tells us what’s wrong. Combine that with our inability to write in cursive, and you’ll discover that the future isn’t looking so bright for us when it comes to written work.

 technology affecting our learning ability technology How is Technology Affecting Our Learning Ability Treatment

Courtesy of Tx-English

Concentrating on what they’re doing. Back when I was a student in college, my professors always encourage us to read, read, read. Since we were all English majors, it only made sense for us to enjoy reading. Right?

Well, for some students, in particular, reading was an obstacle course that they couldn’t overcome. For one thing, some of the books we read (I will admit) were boring and carry no emotions. That being said, it was difficult to stay engaged in something that didn’t catch our interest.

On the other hand, however, some students battled with concentrating on the material simply because they couldn’t put away their phones. In their eyes, social media was more important and they were “reading” just like our professor instructed them to.

But even if you’ve shunned all distractions, you still won’t absorb the information you read online as well as you would if you’d read it in a book. One that you could hold, and you can blame hyperlinks for that.

Those colorful links that are scattered throughout online articles (including this one) make it different for the brain to stay focused throughout the read. To put it another way, it’s like tempting the brain to focus on the link, leaving less brain power to process what you’ve just read.

You have the mind of a drug addict. Speaking on impaired concentration, the term “internet addiction” isn’t just a term parents use to terrify their young teens. Spending too much time on the web can actually cause changes in the brain that begin to mimic those caused by drug and alcohol abuse, according to a 2012 study.

Internet addicts, especially those who shun food, school, and sleep to play for days on in might experience abnormal white and gray matter in their brains. Which has the ability to disrupt and even cripple the regions of the brain involved in processing emotions and regulating attention and decision-making.

Not living in the moment. Picture the scenario: You’re at a concert trying to watch a live performance. When all of a sudden the person in front of you pulls out their phone and starts recording the concert to show their friends on social media. You position yourself to the left, in order to get a better view, and that’s when the person in front of them pulls out their phone and starts recording. Now the person in front of you moves towards the left, and you soon find that you’re unable to enjoy the performance because multiple viewers are trying to capture this picture perfect on their handheld devices.    

The reality is, there are so many moments we try to capture on video, only realizing that we’re not experiencing the moment we ourselves are trying so desperately to hold on to. One might counter-argue this statement by saying since the moment was recorded, you could relive the moment countless times.

But in the end, the moment is only captured on an electronic device which has the ability to malfunction and lose the footage. Resulting in the user forgetting the moment since they weren’t paying attention, to begin with.


Thanks for the read. Although I didn’t cover everything, I’m curious to know, did I miss anything important? I’ll be checking for comments so feel free to express your thoughts and opinions.



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