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How Social Media Can Boost Accommodation Industry

How Social Media Can Boost Accommodation Industry

Accommodation does not mean shelter only but has greater significance for movers and doers. The people who move for work, education and leisure require safer refuge in a foreign land. The quest for knowledge, searching for a job and expeditions makes you get displaced from your known habitat. Searching for a secure refuge and place of accommodation is quite difficult. …

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10 Twitter Tools used by Social Media

Get The Most Out Of Your Social Media Strategy with these 10 Twitter Tools Used By Social Media Experts There are so many Twitter apps out there that it can become difficult to decide which ones to use for managing your account. Fortunately,this list can help you make the right decision. Take a quick look at the top Twitter apps used by …

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How to Run a Successful Hashtag Campaign


We all know of Twitter and its powerful hashtag function. There have been many uses since its inception. The hashtag’s ability to connect people talking about the same things has indeed made the world quite a bit smaller. Now your voice can potentially reach millions of people, and you can see what they have to say as well. Of course …

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Social Media Mistakes that can Hurt your Reputation

social media

Social media has become one of the major elements in building a brand. When used in the right way, Social Media can build your brand very quickly. Social Media can give you loyal followers and positive feedbacks that can make your brand last for many years to come. On the other hand, it can even destroy your brand for even …

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