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How to use Skype to Record Calls or Interviews with Hot Recorder (windows)

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Hot Recorder is one of the most effective tools to record any VoIP call, not only Skype. However, if you are a Skype user you can rest assured that it is a tool that’s very well integrated with the Skype application. Below are the steps to do the same: Set Up Skype to Record Calls: Installing and using Hot Recorder is about as simple as it gets. There is virtually no setup. After you run the install and launch the application, it attaches to your Skype window. Whenever you move your Skype window around the screen, the Hot Recorder window stays attached at the upper left edge. Skype logo There are a few things that you may want to configure in Hot Recorder depending on your preferences. For example, in the options menu, you can assign a folder on your computer to save all of the audio files. The Sound Quality and Recording Type settings are also important because they will ultimately determine how quickly the size of your audio file grows. If you have a huge hard drive and are only recording the call for yourself, by all means keep the sound quality high and use Stereo sound. However, if your intent is to email the file or you’d like to store it on smaller media that does not have quite as much storage capacity; you may want to consider using Medium or Low quality.

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