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Tadoba Accommodation Business Opportunity – The Scenario is Improving

Tadoba is a popular wildlife destination in the Western part of India. The place is renowned for its tiger reserve sanctuary. It is also a paradise of rich flora and fauna, and travelers can witness endangered species while stepping their foot into the zone. Due to the adequate availability of tigers, Tadoba has gained tremendous importance among the wildlife enthusiasts over the years. Travelers from all around the globe frequently step into this wildlife zone. This has also resulted in tremendous business opportunities in this part of Maharashtra. Business growth can be observed clearly through the introduction of new accommodation options, travel facilities and food joints.

The accommodation scenario – then and now

Tadoba used to be a small village with the maximum area being covered in dense forests. Once the National Park was opened in the mid 60s, the place started gaining prominence as a fine wildlife destination. With the population of tigers slowly increasing in the area, the place has become exceedingly popular among tourists. Naturally, business opportunity has also started to flourish in Tadoba. Earlier, there used to be only a couple of hotels for accommodation purpose. Now, the options are increasing. Many private firms are investing in the land and are developing hotels. The government is also taking initiative to develop quality accommodation options at affordable rates. In fact, the government is offering land to those interested in investing money for accommodation, travel or other legitimate business in and around Tadoba. This is a great move by the Maharashtra Government.

tadoba-accommodation  Tadoba Accommodation Business Opportunity – The Scenario is Improving Tadoba Accommodation

Business and work scopes at Tadoba

Tea stalls, breakfast corners, fast food joints and dormitories are coming up in Tadoba. Now, business opportunity is growing. A lot of luxurious Tadoba national park resorts are coming up for tourists. This is definitely great news for the local people, since they get a scope to earn for a living. This kind of initiative also helps in preventing illegal trades like, tiger hunting, wood trading and other activities that are not supported by the Maharashtra Government. The legitimate earning opportunities also prevent the occurrence of criminal activities that mainly occur due to the non-availability of any proper income source. Locals are perfectly apt for working in hotels and restaurants as cooks, servers, cleaning maids and security guards. Then, many locals are given training in spoken English and Hindi to work as guides to the travelers. The road to the jungle can be best traveled with the help of the local people only. So, naturally, they are the best choice as guides. The government is asking for more locals to work under their pay-scale as tour guides, safari guides and safari vehicle drivers.

Foreign investors are coming

A certain category of foreign travelers, mostly NRIs, are trying to invest in this land. They are mostly trying to recreate the hotel industry through implementation of innovative ideas. In the process, the Maharashtra Government is providing immense support and a strong helping hand to make their projects see success. It is necessary to make the first move; this would definitely help in making the scenario better for locals and those who are struggling for employment.

Tadoba has tremendous potential when it comes to business opportunity regarding accommodation. Why not invest in this beautiful land, which promises strong tourist foothold throughout the year. The serene environment filled with mystic forests and endangered species makes it a great area to cultivate and consider the business prospects.

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