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How to stay motivated when everyone else is on vacation

Maintaining high levels of motivation and productivity can be challenging during the hot summer months. While your friends and many colleagues are enjoying their vacation, you still have to go to the office and keep up the good work. The sunny weather and the overall vacation spirit are taking a toll on you, which makes it difficult to concentrate and stay motivated for work. Nevertheless, the following suggestions will enable you to stay motivated despite the distractions.

Be an Early Bird

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If your company has flexible working hours, try to set up a different working hours schedule in the summer months. Getting to the office earlier and finishing earlier than usually, will give you much more time in the afternoon to relax and make a good use of summer weather. Additionally, if you have the opportunity to work from different locations, and not just the office, change your surroundings. Go home, to a coffee shop or the park. If the boss doesn’t agree with this idea, maybe you could try to convince them to let you work during the lunch break, so that you could go home earlier.

Don’t Procrastinate

When we lack motivation, we procrastinate. Checking up on social media, and going through all the fun and exciting photos and videos of friends who are enjoying the beach and parties under the sun will only make you less motivated for the job. Therefore, put your smartphone as far away from you as possible, refrain from logging onto Twitter and Facebook on your computer and go to work. Use your break to catch up on social media, but the working hours should be for work only.

Grab some Fresh Air

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A coffee break is the perfect opportunity to go outside instead of sitting in the lounge area. Have a cup of coffee, walk down the street and relax for at least fifteen minutes. Add a twist to your everyday trip to and from work. Try a self-balancing Skywalker board and have it with you at work during the slow work season. Additionally, use your lunch breaks to eat outside with some of your colleagues that you haven’t had the chance to catch up with when the company was crowded.

Have a Timetable

Scheduling all the tasks you need to do in a day can help you stay on track and avoid any distractions. Try to prioritize all the responsibilities, designate time for each of them and try to accomplish all the tasks within that period. Once you start focusing on those activities, you’ll instantly become motivated to finish them in time.

Stay Hydrated

Ice coffee and all those cold beverages are perfect for hot summer months, but not for your motivation. Water is the best refreshment you could ask for, because it releases all the toxins from the body whilst providing hydration. In addition, water is much healthier than any other drink, and you won’t pack on any weight, you’ll have more energy and be motivated to do the job immediately.

Have Fun after Work

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Planning an evening activity each night could be a great motivation booster. Whether it’s a movie night, a walk on the beach, dinner with friends, or a night at the club, you should have each night filled with social activities. Once you’re aware that the fun night in store for you, it will be much easier to stay motivated at work. You’ll finish the job faster and you won’t be distracted by anything.

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