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How to Start a Web Designer Career

1 How to Start a Web Designer Career How to Start a Web Designer Career 1

Web design is gaining huge popularity not only because of the field where design skill can be applied but also because of the possibility to work remotely. Today, freelancing is one of the strongest trends: to be a freelancer is convenient and profitable if you can create something of high value. If you don’t know who is better to work with, freelancers or group or designers, you can always get some tips from our website: www.designcontest.com/logo-design/

Designers are in demand in web studios, advertising agencies, and IT-departments which support and develop the websites. Therefore, a freelancer can simultaneously cooperate with several companies, involving as new tasks arise. Today most of the orders belong to the website development, so the profession of web designer has considerably increased in prestige and relevance.

Since the advent of the very first websites and until today, many things have changed, including increased number of tools that become available to professionals. Also, a list of requirements and skills that a web designer should have has become much wider. Now, web design is not just about to create images but also participate in the development of the software; and this fact puts web designers a par with coders.

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The requirements can be reduced to:

  • The idea. Being a designer, you have to think over the design of websites, relevant pages, and e-mail newsletters. For this, you should master 3D design as this area requires the use of the most advanced technologies to increase sales and attract new customers.
  • The process of designing. You’ll have to create a layout of website, with which the team will work in the future. In other words, you’ll have to visualize a website, which previously exist only in the form of program code. In some cases, you may need to create icons, illustrations, etc.

Also, the designer can be engaged in the design of printed products, the formation of the corporate identity and the logo of a company, the creation of flash-animation, and the layout of the website. These responsibilities are not mandatory; however, by mastering them, you significantly expand the list of your skills, which increase the chance of getting paid jobs.

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But is it that hard to become a proficient web designer or, at least, to start the career? Let’s consider the basic steps to master the art of design:

  • Don’t stop learning new skills. If you have firmly decided to become a web designer, be ready to learn a lot of technical information and disciplines: typography, graphic design, the theory of color and composition, and elements and principles of web design. The basics of HTML and CSS are also necessary. Even if you do not layout websites, it is still important to understand how this is done to avoid errors at the stage of design. Still, there’s no any particular program exclusively for good web design, so the easiest way is to learn Photoshop that will allow you to process images, assemble layout, and many other features.
  • Read the profile literature. Naturally, to move forward, we must continuously evolve . Read as many useful articles as you can.
  • Repeat quality designs. Very rarely, those who have just learned to design in Photoshop, immediately become professionals in the field. At first glance, it seems that you know so much – the principles of building a website, usability, etc. – but it all applies differently in practice. You just need to repeat the professionally made designs. Just sit and stupidly redraw them. This is the first step on the path to success. Try to repeat 50 different designs to the smallest details in one week, and you’ll feel that you’ve improved your skills.
  • Finish each and every design. Never leave designs halfway – always finish them until the end and take the time. Firstly, you’ll be able to compare; secondly, designs will be better and better, and you’ll be able to track your development as a professional. On the other hand, we can’t say whether the job is bad until it is completely done.
  • Ask design professionals to give marks to your works. If you are a beginner (this applies to any area, not just web design), be sure to discuss your projects with professionals. Yes, a lot of masters will decline to give you advice. But there are plenty of web design forums, where you can bring your works to the public and listen to comments. Try to communicate with colleagues as much as possible – by exchanging views, you’ll boost your career much faster than if you are learning alone through trials and books. What you need is a lively discussion, not “frozen” advice and recommendations.
  • Create a portfolio and register on exchanges. The portfolio is your professional portrait. The more beautiful it is, the more chances you have to convince the client to work with you. Be sure to place the portfolio on the exchange where you’ve decided to work. Working on exchanges, firstly you have to build your authority. Then customers will make recommendations, and the number of orders will increase.

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Don’t Rush, or the Conclusion

Many novices immediately begin to think about how to make money by selling their services. Do not try to sell the first works: at first, you need to have something valuable. Please make sure the design you offer is, at last, more or less quality. Moreover, it would be ideal to negotiate with a professional and make a few designs for free in exchange to recommendations. This will give you a great experience and a further advantage. Also, you can place these works in your portfolio. If you immediately put your creativity on a commercial basis, you may have a great disappointment. So don’t rush.

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