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How to Successfully Use Social Media to Brand Your Resume

Personal branding.

Sounds a little bit scary, doesn’t it? Actually, anything that brings to the table the word “personal” can be off-putting since it clearly requires plenty of effort and knowledge of oneself on an insightful level. But there’s no denying that personal branding is a necessity these days. The times of robotic and dull labor are long gone, now replaced by mediums that stimulate originality and creativity.

And a creative environment needs a creative person. It’s no longer enough to simply write down in your resume that you’ve got a rich imagination, and you’re quite the creator. You have to SHOW it. And what quicker and more efficient way to do so than by exhibiting it right off the bat on your resume?

Social Media in Business

An ancient saying used to claim that if you don’t have an online identity, you don’t exist. This might be a bit of a stretch on a personal level, but it’s starting to contour itself as a vivid reality as far as businesses go. In fact, as teenagers are reportedly massively flocking away from platforms such as Facebook, business might just be what this will all be about in a few decades. A large portion of customers seek out products and companies online, so if one company can’t be reached through one quick Google search, that’s a really big problem.

This means good news to you, the job-seeker.

Because companies are required to have online equivalents and expand on the Internet as much as possible, you can be almost sure that you’ll find opportunities to reach them directly like never before. But the thing is that the opposite can be applied to.

If you follow a company on Twitter, they might follow you back, or the very least browse through your profile.

But where does personal branding fit in with all of this?

  • You can make your resume the first thing companies see.
  • You can make creative and interesting resumes.
  • You can form an online identity.
  • You can spark the interest of employers.

Resume Promotion

A social media resume is a term used broadly. At the end of the day, it’s not a full-fledged resume, but rather a sample of what employers could read if you manage to grasp their attention. And this makes it also a peek into your mind, ideas, and who you are as a person.

What is a resume, anyway? It’s a gathering of your achievements, your skills, your hobbies, your capabilities, your personality, etc. Curtsy of the development of social media outlets, a lot of these things on our list are included in the profile descriptions of said outlets. Moreover, they can be created and displayed regardless.

In other words, your Facebook profile can contain your past workplaces, the educational level you graduated, a brief description of yourself, and other small personal information. But it doesn’t end here. Others can also view your likes, your preferred movies, music, books, TV shows, and games, as well as the things you choose to like and share.

With just one simple social media profile, you’ve managed to lay out over half of the sections covered in a resume. Whether you submit a proper CV beforehand or not, if you manage to get yourself under the radar of a company PR, the first thing they will see is a myriad of useful information right off the bat.

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Creative Social Media Resumes

This is where personal branding and social media cross paths. Personal branding is all about your personal message and the statement that you want to make. What is it that sets you apart and makes you who you are? There are so many adjectives in the English language, yet it seems almost mandatory for all job applicants to gravitate around the same set of descriptive adjectives that get utterly dull after a while.

How about we stop writing down and describing ourselves and start showing it?

Plenty of people have started using the tools provided by the Internet as means to craft innovative and creative resumes.

  • VIDEOS: Through YouTube, several people have chosen to shape up their resumes like videos. Interactive, funny, or witty, they’re the perfect way to showcase your personality and charisma before getting called up for an interview. One big mistake you might accidentally make is simply reading the resume aloud. Don’t do that, try to make it interactive or funny.
  • QR: Here’s something relatively more obscure than YouTube – QR codes. If you’re not that good in front of a camera, it will suffice to attach to your normal resume a QR code that directs people to, say, those social media profiles mentioned above.
  • BLOGGING: Have a website. It can be an official website which gathers together links to all your social media profiles. It can be a portfolio of your work. You can even simply make it a blog where you can write about the same passion that connects you to your desired workplace.

Personal branding rotates around the concept of individuality, creativity, and memorability. We reckon there’s no blunter and better way to do that than through an impactful resume.

Your Online Identity

Creating a personal branding isn’t that easy of a task, so it requires the collaborative efforts of all the steps previously mentioned. When executed right, they will start paving the way for the contour of your online identity. You want people to be able to recognize you or, at least, think of something relevant when they see your name.

Choose one picture you want to represent you on all your social media profiles. Snatch all the usernames and domains that fit with your branding, nickname, or even name. Use Gravatar to link all the comments you will leave on blogs to one single picture. By sticking to one name and one image, it will be easier for people to memorize you through the sheer strength of repetition.

Final Words

The list of ways in which social media can increase your personal branding experience doesn’t end it here. You can get in touch directly with head recruiters, with PRs, or even other higher-ups. You can get involved in communities and let yourself be known for one particular thing, preferably your statement and the message behind your branding.

Whether we’re talking about resume promotion or becoming the actual resume, social media can have a decisive impact on your job-seeking experience when used the right way.

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Amanda Wilks is a Boston University graduate and a part-time writer. She has a great interest in everything related to job-seeking, career-building, and entrepreneurship and loves helping people reach their true potential.
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